Molkki 4th February 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Purvi observes Renu’s marital chain in Gajraj’s room and she ponders that why he has it. She begins looking through the room and observes proof that demonstrates that Satyam is alive after bomb impact and his face got singed in the mishap. She understands that Satyam is veiled as Gajraj. She ponders that why he is behaving like he adores her. Furthermore consider the possibility that he is intending to trap her once more. She says that she needs to demonstrate that Satyam is Gajraj and furthermore she needs to ensure that he gets rebuffed for killing Renu. Gajraj comes there and advises her that Doctor advised her to take rest.

He tells her that she would not have taken her medication as well. She stays quiet. He says that she should imagine that he didn’t illuminate about her to her family however he send his men to Virendra to illuminate about her. He deceives her that Virendra couldn’t care less with regards to her now since she is working for him conflicting with Virendra.

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She feels that she realizes that he is lying and he would not have allowed Virendra to enter the castle. He gets some information about anything and get some rest. She sets down on the bed. He requests that she press the ringer on the off chance that she wants anything. She says thanks to him for dealing with her. He leaves the room. She lets herself know that she will uncover Gajraj and she won’t leave the royal residence until she tracks down proof against him.

Gajraj converses with Renu’s image and tells her that he succumb to Purvi. He says that he would not have killed her however that is fine since, in such a case that she was alive then she won’t allow him to get Purvi. Nurture hears that and leaves from that point. He drinks liquor and goes to the grass to impart liquor to Virendra. He gets some information about Virendra. Safety officer understands that Virendra got away and illuminates Gajraj that he will track down Virendra.

After some time, Nurse calls Gajraj as Satyam and asks him that how might he fail to remember her. He asks her that who is Satyam. She requests him to not act in front from her. She illuminates him that it’s her who used to deal with him when he was conceded in the emergency clinic after bomb impact. She says that she can ensure that he winds up in prison for killing Renu. She requests 10 lakhs from him to not come clean to Police. He advises her that he is even prepared to give 20 lakhs however imagine a scenario where she deceives him. She lets him know that he don’t have some other decision than confiding in her.

Virendra slips into the castle and sees Purvi resting. He believes that she can carry on like she abhors him however he can’t live in this world without her. He chooses to leave before anybody sees him. Gajraj thumps Nurse and holds her at gunpoint. Virendra requests that he drop the weapon.

Nurture runs from that point utilizing that opportunity. Virendra asks Gajraj that which mystery Nurse is familiar with him. Gajraj lets him know that this castle and Purvi has a place with him now. Virendra whips him. Purvi comes there and stops Virendra. She shields Gajraj.

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