Molkki 3rd February 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Purvi discovers that somebody need to kill Gajraj. One man attempts to kill Gajraj however Purvi saves him and she gets harmed. Gajraj asks that man that who send him. Purvi illuminates him that there was poison in stick and she loses her awareness. That man runs from that point. Gajraj requests that his men call Doctor. He takes Purvi to a room and lays her down on the bed.

After some time, Doctor visits the royal residence. Gajraj compromises him to save Purvi. Specialist treats Purvi. Then again, Virendra lets Anjali know that he is going out to track down Purvi. She lets him know that he don’t realize that where is Purvi now. He tells her that he knows Purvi’s area. Juhi says that she will go with him. He advises her to remain with Anjali and goes out.

Gajraj inquires as to whether Purvi is fine. Specialist illuminates him that Purvi is out of risk. However, Purvi quits relaxing. Specialist attempts to save her yet he proved unable. Gajraj holds Doctor at gunpoint and cautions him to save Purvi. In the mean time, Juhi and Manas petitions God for Purvi. Specialist attempts again and saves Purvi. Gajraj requests that he stay in the royal residence until Purvi recovers her awareness. Yet, Doctor runs from that point. Nurture lets Gajraj know that she will deal with him and Purvi. He disregards her and goes to Purvi.

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Virendra is going to meet with a mishap yet Doctor saves him. Specialist illuminates him about Purvi’s respiratory failure which stuns the last option. He lets him know that Gajraj is deranged and requests that he not let Purvi stay with Gajraj and leaves from that point.

Purvi recovers her cognizance. Gajraj lets Nurse know that she can leave now and she leaves from that point. He asks Purvi that did she figured what will befall him assuming anything happened to her. He says that she ought not have taken a chance with her life to save him. She lets him know that she can pass on for her companion.

He tells her that he won’t let her leave until she recuperates totally. He says that she should be ravenous at this point. He arranges workers to carry something to eat. Worker gives apple to Gajraj. Gajraj takes care of Purvi. She sees tattoo on his hand and thinks that she have seen this as of now. They hears clamor from outside so Gajraj goes out.

Safety officers prevents Virendra from entering the royal residence saying that without Gajraj’s consent the last option can’t head inside. Gajraj comes there and asks Security gatekeepers to not deal with Virendra like this since he is ex Mukhiya of this town. Virendra asks him that where is Purvi now.

Gajraj lets him know that she is taking rest. He requests that he separate from Purvi and gives legal documents to him. Virendra says that nobody can prevent him from meeting Purvi. He pummels him. Yet, Security monitor beats Virendra from behind and Virendra tumbles down. Purvi observes Renu’s marital chain and she ponders that why Gajraj has it.

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