Sirf Tum 7th February 2022 Written Update:

The episode begins with Ranveer keeping his hand on the entryway. Ranveer lets Rakesh know that he attempted to cause him to comprehend a ton yet the last option didn’t tune in. Rakesh tells him to not take Suhani’s name. He adds prior he acknowledged his slip-up as he fixed Suhani’s marriage without asking her yet he will fix her marriage and he won’t feel remorseful for that. Ranveer says he came here to check in the event that Suhani is fine or not yet in the event that Rakesh becomes difficult to get Suhani hitched, he wont let it occur. Rakesh quiets him down and advises him to leave. Kamini asks Ranveer whats his concern for what reason he is upsetting Rakesh.

Kamini uncovers on the off chance that Riya didn’t come clean with them Suhani and Ranveer would have over and over bamboozled them. Ranveer gets stunned to realize Riya told them everything. He leaves. Dadi insults Kamini for her demonstration and the last option insults Suhani saying she can’t concentrate any longer and will get hitched soon. Suhani says she and Ranveer didn’t make any off-base stride yet she and Ranveer love one another. Love can’t be off-base. She leaves.

Riya comes to Ranveer and the last option questions her why she sold out him when she is his companion. He yells at her and inquires as to why she informed Rakesh regarding his and Suhani’s undertaking. Riya says since she cherishes him and she is his best pal. She was harmed when he dropped the commitment and she got trust when Suhani dismissed him however at that point she acknowledged his proposition. Riya says she was unable to endure that and made this stride. She asks Ranveer for what valid reason would they be able to be together when she doesn’t pass judgment on him like Suhani. She has everything which Suhani has.

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Riya holds his hand and attempts to embrace him yet he stops her idiom Suhani has that effortlessness which she doesn’t have. He says this isn’t her adoration yet its her determination, she violated Suhani yet the last option didn’t let him know anything as she most likely is aware he has outrage issues. Ranveer says he needs to kill Riya for what she did. He punches on the bicycle seat. He says he won’t beat Riya as she is a young lady yet she can’t separate him and Suhani. Riya says Suhani misled her and grabbed Ranveer from her. Ranveer says Suhani fell head over heels for him accidentally however Riya hurt her purposely. She let him down extremely terrible. He leaves and Riya cries.

Rakesh comes to Vikrant’s home and Vikrant asks him for what reason he came here at late evening. He ought not fail to remember the conventions being Vikrant’s worker. Rakesh says he realizes that and he is here to give renunciation letter to him. Vikrant takes the letter and Rakesh says he needs to converse with him being Suhani’s dad. Rakesh says he needs Suhani to get hitched soon and Ranveer will attempt to stop it so he needs to alert Vikrant ahead of time so he prevents Ranveer from dropping Suhani’s marriage.

Rakesh says this time he will cross cutoff points and even Vikrant can’t quiet him down assuming Ranveer does anything. Vikrant stops Rakesh and says he is glad to realize that Rakesh doesn’t uphold Ranveer and Suhani’s relationship. He tears the leave letter and says he will help Rakesh by giving cash for Suhani’s marriage.

Rakesh adds he surrendered in light of the fact that he needs to avoid Ranveer by all implies and furthermore he needn’t bother with anybody’s cash. Rakesh leaves and Vikrant becomes irate. He lets Mamta know that everything is going on a result of his child. Rakesh offended him today. Dadu says Rakesh was not off-base in his place. Vikrant says yet what might be said about his own affront. Ranveer says Vikrant got what he gave others. Vikrant gets distraught seeing him. Ranveer is seen helping individuals at sanctuary and he sees Suhani and Sudha. He demands Sudha to permit him to converse with Suhani once.

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