Molkki 10th February 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Purvi obliterates not many pictures and dress. Gajraj asks her that what’s going on with she. She lets him know that she is shutting the part of her past. She says that she did as such numerous bad behaviors purposely and unwittingly by remaining with Virendra. He tells her that she can’t commit any error. She lets him know that she is additionally a person and she committed parcel of errors and she don’t have any companion to discuss it. He tells her that he is her companion and she can impart everything to him. She lets him know that he is great individual that is the reason she is offering this to him.

She says that there is a gigantic age hole among her and Virendra and additionally she had to wed him so they never shared a couple relationship. And afterward she met one fellow and felt pulled in towards him yet felt gulity for feeling like that since she was Virendra’s significant other. She lets him know that, that person isn’t a major part of her life that is the reason she is annihilating this to delete his recollections.

He asks her that who is that person. She lets him know that, that is not matter now and in the event that he was with her, she would have persuaded him to wed her and leaves from that point. He ponders that whom Purvi cherished. He sees that Purvi was annihilating his photos and peruses her journal. He affirms that she cherished him. He says that he would rather not lose her. She sees his response and thinks that this is what she needed and he will admit everything today.

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Afterward, Purvi meets Virendra in the café. She shows the recorder to him. He requests that she be cautious on the grounds that Satyam is truly clever and leaves from that point. Gajraj comes there. She asks him that what is he doing there. He tells her that he came for a gathering. He asks her that what is she doing by preparing this way. She lets him know that she feels the individual’s essence who is dead. He requests that she call her affection and perhaps her adoration come before her. She takes Satyam’s name. He tells her that Satyam additionally cherished her as it were.

She asks him that how he is familiar with Satyam’s sentiments. He says that he is Satyam as it were. She grins hearing him and asks him that how can this be. He illuminates her that his face got singed in the bomb impact so he exploited it and became Gajraj. She lets him know that he would have endured a ton. She inquires as to whether he killed Renu. He admits that he killed Renu for conflicting with him.

Virendra comes there and slaps Gajraj. Police auditor comes there to capture Gajraj. Gajraj asks them that what evidence they have against him. Purvi shows the recorder. Gajraj tosses the recorder in a container of water. Purvi says that recorder isn’t working yet Gajraj is Satyam as it were. Gajraj says that he don’t have the foggiest idea about any Satyam.

Virendra calls Prakashi. Gajraj says that he don’t have any acquaintance with her. She lets him know that she didn’t realize that he killed Renu. She says that she is prepared to acknowledge discipline and requests that Police examiner not leave Gajraj. She demonstrates that Gajraj is Satyam. He shouts at her. Virendra slaps him.

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