Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 10th February 2022 Written Update: 

The episode begins with Krisha encouraging Devraj to come clean to Daksh. She declares that he should know the reality of Maya’s passing and expresses that they will assist him with recuperating. Devraj consents to her, while Krisha says that the two of them ought to get together to recuperate Daksh.

She demands Devraj to admit his adoration for her, while he disappears without saying anything. She grins deciding herself to cause him to admit his affections for her. In the mean time, Daksh grins hearing their discussion through the covered up mic which was set inside Devraj and Krisha’s room.

Here, Daksh shares with Roma that they can undoubtedly snoops inside Krisha’s room and can be aware of their arrangement. He inquire as to whether Devraj loves Krisha? He grins and afterward likes Roma for setting the mic inside their room when they were out of their room. He gives her a shower and request to knead him as he persuades tired acting to be incapacitate.

Roma gets baffled with Daksh and goes close to him. She guidance him to go as per Krisha and Devraj’s arrangement and allow them to uncover reality to him. She says that why he doesn’t come clean with them that he is totally okay, to which he chuckles at her and says that he loves to inconvenience Devraj. He expresses that he appreciates seeing Devraj feeling remorseful for his condition and when he sees Krisha in a difficult situation due to changing herself into Maya.

Somewhere else, Daksh says that Roma should feel awful for Devraj as she adores him. He exhortation her to co-work with him, so she can get her Devraj while he will get his Krisha. She questions that what they will do straightaway? To which he guidance her to stand by and watch.

Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 9th February 2022 Written Update:

Naina chats with Ugra in regards to the property. She gets miserable expressing that because of Meenakshi’s silliness they lost the offer in the property, while Ugra continues contemplating Rati and starts discussing her. Naina gets infuriated and ask her mom not to contemplate Rati so much, she request that she disregard her. Though, Ugra becomes enraged at Naina and says that she isn’t understanding.

Ahead, a worker comes to Ugra and gives her milk expressing that it is sended by Rati, while last option goes to look for her. She gets baffled on not tracking down Rati, while Aarav alongside Krisha and Rati watches out for them. Krisha says that they need to keep making it happen, till Ugra admits her wrongdoing. Though, Aarav gives his instrument space to Rati for remaining there briefly.

Ugra goes up against Krisha and faults her to be associated with Rati. She becomes irate on her, while Krisha denies every one of the charges. She goes inside the room and questions Devraj that what he needs to eat. She offers to cook Poha for himself and goes to the kitchen. In the mean time, Ugra plans something against Krisha and sends Naina inside the kitchen. The last option faults Krisha for losing ther food things.

Further, Naina deliberately pours flour on Krisha while Ugra grins. In the interim, Krisha goes to scrub down. Afterward, Daksh draws near to her acting to be Devraj. She couldn’t ready to separate and grins feeling his touch. He out of nowhere begun snickering and changes himself into Daksh, she gets stunned and covers herself. She admonishes him while he tells that they have as of now discussed Devraj and her separation and request that she come to him. He goes from that point requesting that she make Poha, while she gets dubious reasoning that how Daksh is familiar with Devraj and her discussion.

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