Molkki 9th February 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Purvi believes that she is happy that she came clean to Virendra and he is with her in this fight. She slips into the castle. Gajraj asks her that where was she till now. She misleads him that she went to deal with her companion who was conceded in the medical clinic. He says that she should deal with herself first and why she didn’t illuminate him. She lets him know that she would have rather not inconvenience him. He tells her that she is valuable for himself and embraces her. He requests that she guarantee to go out with safety officer on the grounds that Virendra might assault her whenever. She vows to him. She believes that presently it’s hard for her to go out.

Following day, Virendra tracks down his jeep and cash before his home. He understands that Gajraj would be behind this and Purvi more likely than not requested that Gajraj do this. In any case, imagine a scenario where Gajraj attempts to exploit it. He calls Purvi and asks her that did she made any arrangement with Gajraj. Purvi lets him know that she will meet him later and separates the call. Gajraj requests that Purvi eat. She lets him know that she is fasting so she needs to visit sanctuary now. She moves from that point yet he stops her and he reminds her with regards to her guarantee. He calls his safety officer and sends him with Purvi. They arrives at the sanctuary.

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Then again, Anjali tells Virendra that Satyam is truly crafty so she don’t feel that Purvi can escape the castle. Virendra tells her that Purvi is more astute than Satyam. Purvi comes there. Anjali tells her that she is pleased with her. Purvi says that they needs to get everything which Satyam grabbed from them. She lets Virendra know that, that jeep and cash has a place with him so he really want not to feel regretful for anything. He tells her that they needs to battle together. She lets him know that Satyam fears fire and they can’t execute their arrangement until Satyam recuperates. He insults her for thinking often about foe.

Afterward, Purvi arrives at the royal residence and discovers that Gajraj ate nothing. She lets him know that Priest said that something terrible going to occur with him. She reviews that how Anjali said that Satyam has faith in notion so they can utilize that to discover that he fears fire or not. She lets him know that Priest told to do hawan yet she rejected this is on the grounds that the last option fears fire. He consents to do hawan. She lets him know that his wellbeing matters for her. He tells her that in the event that she is with him, he is fine. He requests that she plan for hawan. She gestures at him and heads inside.

After some time, Purvi lets Gajraj know that she arranged everything for hawan. She requests that he take medication. He tells her that he took it as of now. She sees his meds in the pantry and understands that he didn’t take any medication and he was lying about his dread. Cleric starts the hawan. Purvi and Gajraj sits before hawan kund. She affirms that he isn’t anxious about fire.

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