Molkki 8th February 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Yogi lets Virendra know that like Anjali said Purvi should have some explanation that is the reason she acted like that with the last option. Anjali says that she isn’t understanding that how Purvi need to treat they should uphold her. Virendra asks her that how might he support Purvi when she didn’t uphold him in his tough spot. He requests that they not let Kids know about his and Purvi’s separation. Kids hears their discussion. Manas asks Juhi that what is separate. She lets him know that she don’t have any idea and they needs to go to royal residence to bring back Purvi.

Then again, Purvi calls Nurse and advises her that she additionally need to rebuff Gajraj so to examine about him she need to meet her. Nurture consents to meet her and separates the call. Safety officer prevents Kids from entering the castle. Juhi requests that he call Purvi or allow them to enter the castle. He says that they can’t enter the royal residence. Manas asks Juhi that what are they going to do now. Kids diverts Security gatekeeper and enters the castle. They goes to Purvi and tells her that they missed her to such an extent. They gets invigorated seeing all the food and sits to eat it.

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Gajraj lets Kids know that he is glad that they came. Juhi lets him know that on the off chance that Purvi can live with him, they likewise need to live with him. Purvi prevents Kids from eating and admonishes them saying that they can’t live in this castle. She says that Virendra remove all attaches with her so she don’t have any association with them. She lets them know that she don’t cherish them any longer and tosses them out of the castle.

Gajraj tells her that she ought not have acted like that with Kids. She lets him know that she need to fail to remember Virendra. She requests that he give 1 crore rupees to her so she can pay her Molkki add up to Virendra. He tells her that Virendra will not get cash from him. She requests that he give the jeep and cash to Virendra. He requests that she not leave him and he can do anything for her.

He gets apprehensive seeing fire. Purvi feels that he is truly terrified of fire. He tells her that he gets fit of anxiety seeing fire. She lets him know that she needs to go out and requests that he deal with himself. He plays with lighter and smriks. After some time, Purvi trusts that Nurse will give articulation against Gajraj. She observes Nurse’s dead body. She runs from that point and crashes into Virendra. She illuminates him about Nurse’s passing.

Afterward, Police auditor lets Virendra know that they will begin the examination soon. Virendra requests that Purvi not fault herself for Nurse’s demise. Furthermore Gajraj should be behind Nurse’s passing and she should have evidence against Gajraj. She lets him know that she ought not have called Nurse here to meet her. He explains to her that why she didn’t illuminate him about her arrangement. She uncovers that Gajraj is Satyam.

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