Mithai Written Update 24th September 2022:

Mithai Written Update 24th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Mithai going into the room with Sid’s morning meal. She sees the room is adorned. She says your candlelight breakfast is here. Sid back embraces her. Mithai asks is anything unique behind these enhancements. Sid says I need to shock my delightful spouse. He shuts her eyes then he opens the entryway and shows her Mithai banner alongside her Munni. He praises her on getting the honor.

He says she is the main money manager on the planet for him. Mithai expresses gratitude toward him for making her money managers. Sid says this is a direct result of your diligent effort. He says he needs to make her meet somebody to get motivation. He shows her Aparajita promotion. Mithai acclaims Aparajitha’s boldness. They advance the show. Hari Mohan calls them ground floor. Mithai Dori gets opened.

Sid requests that she embrace him. She embraces him. Sid ties the Dori. He says we should go to gather your Honor. Mithai says we should go Chobey and makes him wear a coat. Karishma takes a selfie. Abha requests that she quit taking selfies and gain from Mithai. Karishma says I will deal with the virtual entertainment of Mithai.

Relatives feel blissful seeing the photograph of Mithai on paper. Mithai comes there and take everybody’s gifts. Abha says she will remain at home with Geetika to remarkably invite Mithai. Chandrakantha says it’s great and they leave for the scene.

At the setting, the host welcomes Arvind and Rekha to introduce the honor. They beauty the stage. Then have calls Mithai to gather her honor. Arvind and Rekha present the honor to Mithai. Everybody applaud her. Arvind and Rekha acclaim Mithai for satisfying her fantasy. The host requests that Mithai talk a couple of words.

Mithai says I need to consider the individual who’s liable for my prosperity to the stage I.e Harimohan Chobey. Hari Mohan goes to the stage. He says he got achievement due to his girl in regulation Aarti’s assistance and I saw a similar expertise in Mithai and helped her and Mithai made this progress by crossing many obstacles. He favors Mithai and leaves. Mithai says thanks to Dadu and considers Sid in front of an audience and shares with everybody that he upheld her such a great amount in her excursion. Sid goes to the stage.

Mithai says I’m a sweet creator and he makes me a money manager. Sid says Mithai gives her credit for her prosperity to other people however it’s all her persistent effort and she shows me numerous things and tells her that he generally upholds her. Everybody applauds them. Sid leaves. The host requests that Mithai express out loud whatever she feels.

Mithai sings her Aloojalebi melody. She misses her father and encourages everybody to endeavor to satisfy their fantasies. She says thanks to Gopal for aiding her. At home, Sourya prods Karishma. Picture taker requests that they sit for a photograph. They give present for a photograph and Mithai serial ends on happy note.

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