Apnapan Written Update 23rd September 2022:

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Episode starts with Sonali hearing Scratch and Pallavi and she feels exceptionally furious. Here, Barkha comes upset and Mana attempts to ask her when Barkha requests that she disappear. Barkha cries and goes. Sonali sees her so she goes to her and attempts to reassure her. Sonali says I’m there for you as a companion and I won’t pass judgment on you.

In the bistro, Lolita and Pallavi are in kitchen where Pallavi shares how all was working out in a good way yet with Sonali coming she is feeling far off from everything. Lolita requests that Pallavi quiet down and clearly Scratch will request that Sonali leave. Pallavi says I trust so. Barkha shares how Ishan doesn’t believe that she should call or text her and Ishan loves another person not her.

Sonali embraces her and thinks now I want to wipe her tears too. Barkha says I don’t have any idea what to do now? I don’t really accept that that he adores another person. Sonali says it’s not significant in the event that he cherishes you or not, what’s significant is what you like. Barkha says yet how? Sonali says battle and give your best for get that individual back. Barkha says however is it right? Sonali says everything is fair infatuated and war. Gagan hears this and figures right, I will likewise battle my conflict now.

Gagan prepares and takes vehicle to leave. He thinks I want this work. Here, Pallavi says how Sonali is controlling children and Scratch against me. Lolita says your children know you for what reason will they be controlled? Pallavi says I truly want to believe that you are correct. Sonali returns and tracks down Scratch in her room.

Sonali gets some information about? Scratch says I need to converse with you. Sonali attempts to parade her excellence and says OK I am tuning in. Scratch is going to express something about her going out when he gets a call about Gagan’s mishap. He gets stunned. Sonali asks what was the deal? Scratch says Gagan’s mishap.

Sonali chats on call and asks where did the mishap occur? Sonali says Faridabad? Scratch feels that implies Gagan was going to Delhi. Scratch recollects how Pallavi requested that she guard Gagan. Scratch and Sonali rush when they see Pallavi accompanying Lolita and let Dadi know that she got tikki for Gagan so she can persuade him. Sonali asks Scratch not to tell Pallavi. Scratch says she is his mom she has right to be aware.

Sonali says however at that point she will go into shock. Scratch takes a gander at Pallavi’s energy about persuading Gagan and he believes telling her is better not. Sonali grins. The two of them go out. Pallavi faculties something wrong and remembers to call Gagan. Barkha figures what can really be done? I really want to accomplish something Sonali is totally correct. She hears Nani discuss their kitty party in which Nimmi will come.

Barkha chooses to establish a decent connection with her. In the vehicle, Scratch is sitting steering the ship and says Pallavi is so sacrificial she generally attempts to repair things and she requested that I deal with this on the off chance that she becomes more acquainted with of the mishap, she will think I’m not a decent father.

Sonali says OK precisely. Scratch attempts to find his telephone when Sonali says I have it as you dropped it in the room. Sonali offers to drive the vehicle as Scratch is upset. Scratch says no first however at that point concurs. Sonali drives and Scratch sits in the front seat. Sonali thinks now I’m certain Pallavi won’t remember to accommodate with you.

Precap – Sonali purposely calls Pallavi and causes her to listen that she and Scratch are together. Pallavi flies off the handle knowing this. Dadi attempts to converse with Pallavi about what’s happening to her.

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