Channa Mereya Written Update 23rd September 2022:

Channa Mereya Written Update 23rd September 2022 on

Episode begins with Aditya gets stressed seeing Ginni’s condition. He calls the specialist and lets him know that Ginni is battling to breath. He then adhere to the specialist’s directions and gave her medication. Ginni have it. Aditya requests that she remain composed and take rest. He then takes a gander at the soup and scents it and gets stunned. He then, at that point, have a spoon brimming with it and gets irate.

He then requests that Ginni take rest he will return. He goes to the cook and yells at him for blending tamarind in it. Supreet sees this. Shailaja asks what occurred. Aditya determines what occurred. He then, at that point, tells here after he will cook for Ginni and without his insight nobody ought to do give anything to Ginni and requests that they leave.

Supreet gets cheerful yet Shailaja gets stunned. Aditya then begins cooking for Ginni. He gets content with the food he made for her. Later Ginni battles with her dress. Aditya comes there prior to going into the room he enquires Armaan about the shooter’s data and requests that he find out soon.

He then sees Ginni is battling with the dress. He chides her for not paying attention to specialist’s recommendation to take rest. He then, at that point, demands to help her and goes behind her. The two of them delays first. Aditya then, at that point, assists Ginni with her dress. The two of them draws nearer to one another a bit.

Later Aditya and Ginni makes a distance between themselves. Aditya then take her to the bed and help her with the leftover things. The two of them gazes at one another. Aditya requests that Ginni take rest and he will be here likewise assuming she really wants assistance she can call him whenever. Ginni stays quiet. Aditya grins and leaves the spot. Ginni gazes at Aditya’s withdrawing back.

Later Aditya and Ginni is running from that point. An individual comes there with a weapon and focuses at Aditya. Both Aditya and Ginni looks stunned. The man shoot the slug at Aditya’s course. Aditya tumbles to the ground unknowingly. Ginni yells Aditya Ji and awakens. Aditya hurries to her and tells her he is fine and requests that she quiet down.

Ginni tells Aditya in her fantasy she saw somebody is shooting him. Aditya requests that she quiet down. Ginni cries and embraces Aditya. Aditya gets astounded yet embraces her back. Ginni shares her stress over him that he might get injured once more. Aditya requests that she loosen up saying that he and Armaan is attempting to figure out who the shooter is. Ginni tells him however they didn’t find what its identity was at this point and she is stressed that the shooter’s strength make him his objective.

Aditya tells her with great individuals the beneficial things that comes in their fantasy will just materialize and guarantees her that he will figure out who is the shooter and who is behind it. Ginni advises him to find out soon. Aditya gestures then, at that point, places her into rest. He then, at that point, strokes her head and contemplates internally that he dont care about him however Ginni is stressed over his security so he will figure out the individual and his intention behind this.

The following day Aditya and Ginni is resting calmly on the bed together and Ginni’s head is in Aditya’s chest. Ginni awakens and gets stunned and astounded seeing their resting position. She attempts to awaken without upsetting Aditya however the last option awakens and gazes at her. Aditya assists her with sitting on the bed.

Ginni apologizes to Aditya for dozing near him like that maxim she was in profound sleep in view of the medications. Aditya prevents her from talking. He then, at that point, tells her that its better assuming she rests like this so that when she awakens she dont need to look for him if incase she get upset by a fantasy and needed to quickly see him. He then tells her as a youngster he battled to rest because of bad dreams so he realizes the feeling great.

Ginni gets profound. Aditya turns away. He then asks Ginni to new up and he will prepare nourishment for her. He then sees Ginni is gazing at him so he tells her he will prepare nourishment for her in her dhaba style however Ginni tells she loves the manner in which he cooks so she is entirely fine with what he makes for her.

Aditya asks her then the thing she is sitting tight for. Ginni tells that she used to both first prior to having food. Aditya jokes that he will help her which made Ginni to chide him and toss a pad at him. Aditya tells her he is simply joking then leaves the room. Ginni ponders internally Aditya looks so gorgeous when he acts along these lines. The cook illuminates Aditya that the specialist is hanging around for Ginni’s treatment.

Aditya requests that the specialist go to Ginni’s room and begin her treatment which the specialist obliges. Ginni adheres to the specialist’s guidelines yet experience difficulty. She likewise get injured while attempting to adhere to the specialist’s directions. Aditya comes there with food in his grasp.

He blows up at the specialist for harming Ginni so he yells at her and makes her leave. He then, at that point, sees Ginni is grinning at him so he asks her the explanation for it. Ginni lets him know that she used to be forced to bear his resentment yet today he chide somebody for her which fulfilled her.

Aditya goes close to Ginni and intertwines her hand with his. He gradually lifts it with his hand. Ginni lifts her hand. Aditya and Ginni shares an eye lock. Ginni lets Aditya know when she fall debilitated in her young life her dad deals with her and his consideration for her presently helping him to remember him. Aditya grins at her. He then gets a call from somebody. He advises Ginni to have food and he will return soon and leaves the spot. Ginni looks on.

Precap: Aditya comes to the lounge where Pasha sits tight for him. Pasha focuses the weapon at Aditya and the last option questions him why he is having firearm in his grasp. Pasha lets him know that Ginni have chance by comparable weapon as it were. Golden conceals himself and hears the discussion of Aditya and Pasha. Aditya lets Pasha know that they need to figure out the shooter’s character to help Ginni emerges from her apprehension. Golden gets stunned. Aditya pivots and Ginni comes there.

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