Punyashlok Ahilyabai Written Update 23rd September 2022:

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Episode begins with Gautama directing the darbar. She says I have the obligation now, I need to realize who is that offender, who attempted to hurt us. Monitor brings two men there and pushes them on the ground. Gautama sees them and reviews. Ahilya cries and asks.

Ishwari says you will see Malerao kicking the bucket before your eyes, and I will see who experiences more. Khanderao flies off the handle. Ishwari says you need to take this aggravation two times, I will kill your better half, Ahilya. Gautama asks who are you.

Nehru says he is a grappler, Nimma ji. Nimma says its not the perfect opportunity, but rather I might want to present myself, I m a Vaid likewise, I m going to get a few spices in the wilderness, I heard them, they have added the medication in Malerao’s food, they are the swindlers, so I got them.

He beat the men. Gautama requests that the men say, is this valid. The men concede their wrongdoing. They say we did this on somebody’s colloquialism. She asks who advised you to add the medication and seize Malerao.

Gunu ji requests that they say the name. Gautama says you both will be condemned to death. The men run towards Gautama and catch her at knifepoint. Ishwari giggles. Khanderao expresses stand by listening to me, you can decapitate me, however at that point you will hear a thunder, it will end your whole family, Malerao’s Dada, Ahilya’s Sasur, my father, Malhar Rao, he is the most intrepid, when he finds out about your off-base goals,

then, at that point, you and your approaching ages will not get saved, you can kill me, however at that point you will not get saved, it’s the future, don’t let me know that I didn’t caution you, you are a simpleton, you will not comprehend, do anything you need. Ishwari tosses the blade. He says you will yell on me, you will alarm me. He beats Khanderao. Malerao says don’t beat him. Khanderao swoons down.

The men abduct Gautama. Gunu ji signs Nimma. Nimma gets the men. Nimma blows up. Gunu ji requests that he leave them. He reviews his arrangement. Gunu ji and Gautama request that Nimma leave them. Nimma says no, they attempted to capture Gautama. The men bite the dust. Nimma says pardon me, I was keeping my steadfastness, I had no control over my displeasure, you can give me any discipline.

Gautama says I was unable to know the name of that swindler, however I got a truly faithful individual in you. She grins. Gunu ji says you are correct, he merits a prize. She asks Nimma what is it that he need, request it. He says I m a grappler by calling. Gunu ji says I need to propose something, we really want a mentor for our gatekeepers, in the event that we can delegate Nimma, then, at that point.. She gestures and says I will prescribe Nimma to Khanderao when he comes.

Ishwari takes the sword to kill Malerao. Ahilya implores. She cries. She says Shiv ji needs to precede any calamity happens. Ishwari assaults Malerao. He hears some commotion and stops. He requests that the gatekeepers take Malerao in reverse. He goes out and sees Tukoji and Ahilya with their gatekeepers. She slaps Ishwari. Tukoji says come, we need to get Khanderao and Malerao first. Ishwari gets found out. Malerao embraces Khanderao. Tukoji holds Khanderao.

He says I will send the news to the royal residence that we got Malerao. Ahilya cries and says Malerao. She embraces him. He embraces Khanderao. Khanderao says you are fine now, we are here, Ahilya saved us. Malerao says no, she bamboozled me, she saw me and didn’t save me, she is self centered, she is a quitter. Khanderao yells Malerao. Precap :Ahilya gets Ishwari and compromises of decapitating him. Khanderao asks Ahilya to avoid this.

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