Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 24th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode starts with Doctor checks Keerti and tells the family members that Keerti is fine now. She also asks to take ultrasound and also not to ask her let Keerti take stress. She also gives a prescription to Sunny but Raghav snatches it and tells the doctor that he won’t let Keerti take stress also take care of her. Doctor leaves. Sunny goes towards Keerti but Raghav stops him and tells him that he don’t want him near his sister. Sunny cries and tells that he was angry that’s why in anger he pushed Keerti and if anything happens to her or his child then he will never forgive him. He then goes towards Keerti again but Jaya stops him and tells that she stopped Keerti then she might have cried for two days but would be happy for the rest of her life.

Sunny asks Jaya to not to say like this because he loves Keerti and his child. He is angry so he pushed her. Jaya tells the one who dont have control in their anger also forgets that their wife is pregnant doesn’t deserves a family wife and child. Sunny gets sad. In Deshmukh’s house Sulochana goes to Milind and tells him that she will win this round because her family members knows her and they will choose her over the fake Sulochana for sure. After that she will teach him a lesson for trying to snatch her family from her.

Milind tells Sulochana even he will pray to god to fulfill her wishes. He also tells all he wants is his family to be back to normal who gives importance of other people’s emotion. In RR mansion Jaya feeds soup to Keerti then asks her to take rest and leaves the room. Sunny enters the room and goes and sits beside Keerti on the bed. He apologises to her for pushing her like that and takes her hand in his but Keerti takes her hand back and asks Sunny to leave saying she don’t want to talk to him. She also tells that she wishes she listened to Raghav and Jaya and didnt married him then today she don’t have to go through all this. She made a biggest mistake of her life by choosing him as her life partner.

Sunny asks Keerti to not to talk and pleads her to give him a chance but Keerti refuses saying that she wishes if she and her child died then that pain can be bearable than the pain which he has given to her. Sunny gets hurt and sad. He pleads Keerti again saying she and the child is his family if anything happens to them then he would never forgived him but Keerti refuses to speak to him. Sunny leaves the place. Keerti looks at him and cries.

Sunny waits for Esha in her room. Esha comes there. Sunny asks Esha what happened is she met Pallavi in Deshmukh’s house. Esha tells Sunny that Pallavi is really missing and they filed an FIR and when she went there police is there also they have started doubting her. Sunny tells that means they both have seen Pallavi’s ghost. Esha gets scared and asks Sunny to help her. Sunny asks Esha what is she saying its not that easy.

He then tells her when the person dies without their wishes fulfilled they wont get peace so they have to call Pallavi’s spirit to talk to her. Esha asks what is he saying. Sunny tells his friends used to do this and he learnt from him so now they have no other option than this. Esha agrees so Sunny asks her money to buy the things to make arrangements. Esha gives it and gets worried. Raghav goes to meet Pallavi. Pallavi asks Raghav how is Keerti to which Raghav tells Keerti is fine now. Pallavi thanks for then asks Raghav is he thought what they have to do next.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd November 2021 Written Story:

Raghav tells yes but it’s not his plan but Sunny’s plan. The FB Shows where Sunny goes to where Raghav is and tells him that he loves Keerti the most and he realised the mistake he had done. Now Keerti refusing to talk to him but he wants one more chance and he promise him that he will never do anything wrong in his life also make Keerti and his child happy. He also tells that he understands that he wont believe him but he wants to help him expose Esha’s truth by doing a drama of calling Pallavi’s ghost and he will record Esha’s confession and they can expose her. He also tells that in his family his parents are divorced so he thought the materialistic things are the one which will give happiness so he has done so many wrong things but he truly loves Keerti and his child so asks Raghav to give him this chance. Raghav agrees which makes Sunny happy who thanks him. The FB ends. Pallavi tells Raghav that they can’t trust Sunny like this to which Raghav assures Pallavi that Sunny genuinely want to change and he has seen the truth in his eyes. Pallavi tells that she trusts him. Sumit sees Raghav and Pallavi and gets shocked.

In Deshmukh’s house Amruta and Mansi tells today they will decide who is their real mother by giving them points but before that both of them has to tell why they have to choose them. Sulochana tells Amruta and Mansi that she is their mother. She also talks about how she dont like cooking so always makes an excuse to not to cook. She also tells that how they loves to do shopping and all. She then tells they have to choose her only because family knows who is their family and who is outsider. Amruta and Mansi looks at each other. Amruta asks Rajini to tell what she wants to say.

Rajini tells Amruta and Mansi all she will say is that she did so many wrong things and she wants to rectify it one by one but Sulochana here is the same who hadn’t changed at all. In RR mansiom Sunny acts like preparing everything to call Pallavi’s spirit. Raghav and Pallavi watches it from outside. In Deshmukh’s house Amruta and Mansi tells they are confused to choose who is their mother so they need someone else. Rajini comes there and tells them that she will serve them food but Sulochana stops her and asks her who she is to do all this. She then reminds Mansi how she supported her when the alliance of her’s broke also supported Amruta when she got pregnant.

Rajini tells Mansi and Amruta that she is blinded by their love so she did all this and misguided them when she is the one who had to showed them a right path. Sulochana smirks and tells that her daughter knows that she will never talk like this so they will choose her only. In RR RR mansiom Sunny askd Esha to sit and close her eyes. She does it but gets interrupted by a call from Sumit who tells her that he knows a truth so asks her to come outside. Sunny tries to stop her but fails when Esha tells it’s really important that’s why Sumit is here..Pallavi gets worried but Raghav tells that he knows what he has to do and goes behind Esha..Pallavi looks on.

Precap: Raghav asks the inspector to arrest Esha saying he already sent them her confession. Esha gets shocked. The cops takes Esha from there. Later Raghav and Pallavi gets married infront if their family in RR mansion for the second time.

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