Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode starts with Nothing and Pritam arriving at Sehgal’s house. Nithin is in the police uniform while Pritam in casual clothes. Naveen gets shocked on seeing them and asks what they’re doing here. They ignore him and meet Krishnakant, who asks them to sit. Naveen asks Nithin and Pritam if they are police.

Pritam says that his friend is police and he has come to help him as his dad knows Sakhujas. Pritam says that he has two do things to get out ot this mess. Nithin asks Naveen to promise to not take drugs again. Nithin says that he won’t as his dad of aware it and now he will take care of it. Krishnakant assures them of doing the same. Nothing asks Naveen to tell the drug dealers name that he knows, he will free him from this case.

Naveen says that he doesn’t know anyone. Pritam urges Naveen to answer and asks Krishnakant to convince his son tell the truth else he will get jailed for one year. Krishnakant scolds Naveen and asks him to tell the drug dealers name. Naveen says that they won’t leave him. Pritam asks Nithin to promise Naveen that they will protect him. Nithin does so and Naveen tells about the drug dealers he knows.

Amrita says that left to the shop after telling about a guest’s arrival and asks who is coming. Kuljeet says that his friend’s son is coming from Canada. Amrita asks who is this new Canada friend as she knows all his friends. She asks if it’s not Navjeet’s son and asks to not send him else she will hit him with her shoes. Kuljeet says that it’s not him, it’s someone else, she doesn’t know him. He’s his customer’s son. He says that he will come and leave after meeting them. Saroj takes the phone and asks Amrita to get deck up for the evening.

Amrita refuses to get ready for a guest. Saroj says that he’s a good guy and asks Amrita to serve him coffee and take good care of him. Amrita gets angry. Soni arrives there and asks why she’s arguing with her mother. Amrita asks Soni to talk. Saroj says to Soni that she asked Amrita to deck up well so that the guest can see the Sakhujas are taking good care of Amrita.

Soni agrees to make Amrita get ready. The maid arrives there and gives a ATM card that she found on the terrace. Soni and Amrita read Pritam’s name on the card and realizes it was his card. They decide to call Pritam. Guneet comes back home. Soni and Amrita are surprised that Guneet returned home early. Guneet shouts at his family members for not keeping the house clean when the guest is coming. He asks the maid to clean everything. Dadaji says that Guneet is acting as groom family is coming to see the girl.

Guneet asks if he found a matchbfor Soni. The latter says that she doesn’t want to get married now. Guneet shouts at Nimmo and asks if they want to humiliate him in front of the guest who is coming from Canada. He asks them to obey him silently. Guneet feels dizzy and sits down. Family gets worried and checks his blood pressure. They find Guneet’s BP is high. Amrita asks what happened, why he’s worried from the morning. Guneet says nothing and says that his family making him agree, they watch TV and cook pakode when the guest is arriving. They all assure that they clean everything before evening. Amrita looks worried.

Pritam and his friends arrive at a restaurant to catch Niko. They see him talking with someone. Pritam says to his friends that it could be a supplier or customer. They decide to sit and watch what’s happening. He looks at Ansh’s photo in his phone and smiles. Amrita is worried about Guneet. Soni arrives there and sees Pritam’s debit card is still there and says that she will call and inform him.

Amrita asks Soni to change sofa cover else Guneet will get angry and says that she will call Pritam. Soni obeys. Pritam and his friends see the other man giving Niko a pracel and says it seemshe is a big dealer. Amrita phones Pritam. His friends asks Pritam to talk saying it could be any emergency and says that they will watch them. Pritam goes apart to talk. Amrita says that she got his debit card.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd November 2021 Written Story:

Pritam says that it’s expired and asks to cut the call as he’s busy. Amrita argues with Pritam. Pritam disconnects the call seeing Niko and the other man escaping seeing them. Pritam catches the other man while Niko escapes. Amrita is angry at Pritam for hanging the call and laments about it to Ansh.

Precap: Nimmo overhears Guneet and Kuljeet’s conversation over phone about Amrita’s second marriage. Yuvraj arrives at Sakhujas and meets Amrita.

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