Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode begins with Sai telling Chavan’s that she is the bahu of this family so she can speak in their internal matters. Sonali says that she can change the bahu, Virat warns her that how could she say such a big thing Sai is also a family member and we will not go shopping. Ninad takes a stand and says that Ashwini knows everything about everyone so let them go with Sai and Virat so that she can teach them.

Bhavani also taunts Ninad, Omkar ask Bhavani and tells her to give him the list so that he can go and bring everything. Sai says that Ninad has written the list for everyone, even the factory employees. Pakhi taunts her and says that she is reading the list as she is the head of the family.

Sai gives the list to Bhavani but she tears it and says that in this house whether it’s house rules or shopping list it will be made by her. She commands Omkar and Ninaf to go shopping, but Ninad says that he has some important things to do. Ninad says that he has a reason behind this, but still Bhavani is not ready to digest it. Ninad asks Virat and Sai to go to their room, Sai says why Ninad askskssthem to leave.

Ninad tells Bhavani that as she has asked Sai and Virat for the heir of this family. So they want them to realise the love their share, Sai and Virat both cannot be forced to do anything. Ashwini takes a stand for them and explains to them that she is bringing them closer through this. Pakhi says that why Sai gets special treatment, Ashwini says that she should ask Bhavani.

Sai says that Bhavani must be scolding Ashwini and Ninad. She says that why they cannot go shopping, why Bhavani always behaves like a Hitler and scolds them for going shopping. Virat shares his Diwali shopping memory with Sai. Ashwini tells Bhavani that she has selected Sai for the family heir then she has to give her special treatment, Bhavani agrees to it. Ninad comes and informs Virat and Sai that they are going shopping with Ashwini. Ashwini ask Sai to change her into a saree, Virat helps Sai to find a saree for her. They change the dress and come for the shopping.

Ashwini tells Virat and Sai that everyone is looking at them their looks beautiful as a couple. Virat pushes a man and apologises to him he thinks that he knows that man but the man left from there. Sai calls Virat for the shopping. He tells her that he had seen someone Sai tells him to check but Virat tells her to leave it.

Precap- Virat says that Sai is soon going to return to his room, he is excited. He says that will they have a husband and wife relationship. He says that a person from his past is going to return in his life, he is concerned about losing them.

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