Imlie 24th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode starts with Imlie waiting for Aryan to submit her article but he is late. Aditya asks Suraj about Imlie and learns she reached office already. Imlie thinks Harish’s words that she has to work hard to get appreciation. She recalls how warden threw water at her face and woke her up saying why she slept with lights on. Will her father pay the electricity bill. She saw its 4 am already and finished her article. Imlie looks at Aryan’s chair and sits in it. She plays with it and spins. She falls down suddenly with the chair.

Aryan comes in his cabin and keeps his chair in the right position and doesn’t help her get up. He asks her what she is doing in his cabin. Imlie gives her article and Aryan asks her why she wrote about labours and low caste women instead of multinational women CEO. Imlie explains why they the hard working women and housewives need to hear praises and people should hear their stories to understand their worth. Household chores are also important job which they handle. Aryan says he understands business so he will take care of that. She leaves and Imlie thinks Aditya will ask her about her report and Aditya expects Imlie will share her experience but they don’t say each other anything.

Aditya reaches home and Aparna asks about Imlie and her assignment but Aditya says Imlie doesn’t talk to him nowadays, Aparna questions him that he should have asked her once but Malini takes Aditya’s side saying he has bigger responsibilities than Imlie in the office and his articles get published on front page. She says she kept each and every Aditya’s articles safely. Aditya sees that and recalls Imlie.

He says to Aparna they should focus on work only. Malini thinks how did Imlie finish the report, nothing affects her. Imlie gets emotional thinking she can’t share her happiness with Aditya who motivated her a lot. She goes towards warden and the latter thinks Imlie will take revenge. Imlie surprisingly gives her a rose and thanks her for waking her up on right time.

Next day Arpita and Narmada talk about Imlie’s front page article and Narmada gets surprised knowing its written by her. Aryan says she didn’t do something unthinkable. One househelp says everytime she sees rich women’s stories on the newspaper but after reading Imlie’s article she felt nice and sent it to her family as well. Imlie distributes the newspaper excitedly to students and phones Meethi. Meethi feels proud and says she heard her writing. Imlie says she wrote this for her mother who is inspiration for her.

Meethi asks about Aditya’s reaction. Imlie changes the topic and says she won’t return back to him until he stops thinking Malini is innocent. Later she wishes good morning to warden and shows her the article. Everyone congratulates her and she will throw party after getting first salary.

Tripathis fight to read Imlie’s article first. Aditya checks it and Malini provokes him saying why an intern’s article got published on front page. What’s brewing between the CEO and Imlie she can’t understand. He rejected Aditya’s article but published Imlie’s article.

Narmada goes with Aryan and asks him to tell her what’s wrong with him, why he changed himself so much. Aryan says its just work pressure nothing else. He recalls Arvind’s memories.

Precap – Aryan bumps into Imlie at temple and he asks her why she didn’t go to office. Imlie says she came for darshan. Narmada tells Aryan to go with Imlie as they both will go to office. They need together too.

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