Meet Written Update 17th September 2022:

Meet Written Update 17th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Neelam telling Barfi that Meet learned she took the cash. Barfi gets stunned hearing that and asks Neelam for what valid reason did the last option take cash? Neelam says in the event that Meet uncovers it to Meet Ahlawat, he will begin disdaining her. Barfi figures how to prevent Meet from coming clean to Meet Ahlawat.

She sees Tej is coming first floor cautiously and he is feeling torment because of the break. Barfi spreads a marbles on floor to make him tumble down. He tumbles down and shouts. Everybody gets stressed for himself and goes to give him support. Barfi behaves like she is additionally stressed. They take Tej to room.

Tej says it appears as though somebody is hitting his leg with hammer. The aggravation is horrendous. Barfi advises Meet to bring the pain reliever from Neelam’s room. Barfi signals Neelam. Meet takes the pain reliever from the cabinet and Neelam secures her in room. Neelam says presently Meet can never tell her reality to anybody. She deceives everybody that Meet went out.

Barfi says Meet is flippant and accordingly she took off without illuminating anybody. She sends Neelam to Meet Ahlawat to deal with him. Meet thumps on the entryway and considers how it’s locked. She attempts to find the key and afterward expects it very well may be outside connected to the entryway. She pushes a book outside through the space of the entryway. She attempts to open the lock with a clasp and Barfi plays Bhajan so that noone hears her voice looking for help.

Neelam asks her for how long Endlessly meet Ahlawat will be inside room? Barfi says when the 48 hours will actually want Meet will not have the option to charge Neelam. So till then she will be locked inside. She goes to incite Raj that Meet vanished to try not to get found out. She is the criminal and Raj ought to rebuff her.

Raj says he trusts in his bahubeta and she will effectively defend herself. Barfi says she can’t do that. During Visarjan Meet at last gets the key which falls on the book and she pulls it inside. She opens the entryway with the key and emerges. She thinks Neelam that the last option just locked her inside and her looks are obviously dubious.

Raj requests that she join the Puja and Barfi gets strained. Meet chooses to trust that the Visarjan will move past then she will uncover Neelam. Ahlawats partake in the second during Visarjan and Barfi gets a call from the emergency clinic, she goes there to sign on certain papers for Profound’s passing. She advises Neelam to deal with the circumstance.

Meet advises Meet Ahlawat to hold the symbol as he too invited Ganpati Bappa. Everybody gets going in the Visarjan. Meet inquiries Neelam why she took the cash. She thought Neelam is an unfortunate young lady and she needed to separate from her better half for her.

Neelam says she can’t endure Endlessly meet Ahlawat’s closeness any longer. Meet cant hold a truly flawless picture generally. She became perfect by marking the legal documents yet got a half year time to enjoy with Meet Ahlawat. The manner in which she converses with him it shows the amount she cherishes him and needs to get him back.

Neelam adds she can see areas of strength for them and she can’t bear meeting in the house any longer. She can’t impart her better half to her. Meet says she thought Neelam is languishing over not a glaringly obvious explanation however she is narrow minded in genuine who needs to trap Meet.

Neelam says she is the justification for why the family got isolated, on the off chance that she leaves all that will be better. Get closes her together saying it’s called love and regard which she can’t comprehend. She says she will open Neelam’s demonstration to everybody in the family. Neelam stops her however the last option cautions her not to contact her once more. Meet goes towards Ahlawats.

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