Meet Written Update 16th September 2022:

Meet Written Update 16th September 2022 on

Meet Ahlawat ready to come in case of an emergency. Neelu strolls to him says I have a solicitation, anything that occurrence in office is so furious for you assuming you need you can impart to me, I realize I have less information about office yet I’ll pay attention to you cautiously, I know Meet break your trust in the wake of taking cash and presently attempting to substantiate herself blameless, I realize you can’t say everything.

Meet Ahlawat says you are correct I’m concerned and strained how she can do this, one year back I use to remain with Meet in each choice yet presently she didn’t passed on any motivation to trust her yet I know one thing she can go to any degree to substantiate herself since she is difficult and she won’t stop, that is the means by which Meet is.

Smash calls everybody in corridor for Pooja. Everybody in lobby. Meet says there is the ideal opportunity for visarjan so why not we play a game till that time. Barfi snicker and says that is great we should play game, all things being equal or substantiating herself blameless she needs to play game, currently one day is passed fast do as well.

Meet says one day is still left and she ridicules her. Barfi says that time you use to look through other room, utilize that chance to fine the criminal. Meet says I’ll get proof and thirf as well, on the off chance that I demonstrate I’m blameless, how you will respond. Barfi says then I’ll expressions of remorse by contacting your feet infront of everybody and will take my statement back. Meet says I’ll hang tight for that second.

Masum strolls first floor and ask him for espresso. Hoshiyar taking cover behind cooler. Masum searching for himself and find a 2000rs note on floor she get it and thinks where did it come from, she glance around and keep and leave. Hoshiyar tells Amma I accept that she will keep this note in taken cash and afterward will w find her in the act.

Amma and Hoshiyar follow her to her room. Masum strolls in and close entryway. Amma says now the way that we will be aware of cash. Hoshiyar says I have a thought, he open window and checks her out. Masum says it’s a best of luck to see cash she thanks universe. Hoshiyar tells Amma first time I neglected to pass judgment on my better half, she can’t have office cash. Amma thinks then who will have and go to god.

Everybody blindfolded. Meet make sense of rule about the game. Raj and Meet observing. Everybody begin playing game, Meet hands everybody things individually and in conclusion hands them Meet Ahlawat’s jacket.

(Meet shows Raj Meet Ahlawat’s jacket and says just me and Meet Ahlawat realize the keys are kept in within pocket and when tomorrow I will give coat to play and they will go for key, Raj gets out whatever on the off chance that the hoodlum is savvy, Meet says they can’t conceal their looks and we must be really attentive)

Meet hands coat to everybody individually. Meet Ahlawat drops coat, Meet gets down to pick it and both knock eachothers head. Meet hands him coat. Game finishes. Meet says everybody played quite well and reports Babita as champ. Raj asks Babita what she needs. Babita says I believe that you should proceed to rest.

Meet says mummyji is correct. Watch strolls in and says a youngster hit stone at honeycomb and we need to close porch entryway. Meet Ahlawat shutting principal entryway gets stung by bumble bees on his hand. Nelu and Meet show up and race to Meet Ahlawat, Babita requests to get something made of metal.

Nelu pushes Meet and goes pick keys from Meet Ahlawat’s jacket, that’s what meet sees. Meet thinks this implies Nelu is hoodlum. Neelam gets lemon sherbat for Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says he is fine and says lets do visarjan. Neelam says you really want to rest. Meet Ahlawat says muhrat has begun lets do visarjan and leaves. Meet tells Neelam how would you are familiar keys you took the mobey right. Neelam runsaway.

Pre cap: Meet hands Ganesh Icon to Meet Ahlawat. Meet asks Neelam for what good reason did she take and she will come clean with everybody. Neelam holds her hand says I won’t let you. Meet says might you venture to contact me and goes joins Meet Ahlawat.

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