Meet Written Update 15th September 2022:

Meet Written Update 15th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Meet advising Barfi to clean the utensils and meanwhile she chooses to look for cash in Barfi’s room. Sunaina feels parched and Ragini offers her water. Sunaina tells her she will make due. Ragini says they are remaining independently doesn’t mean they can’t impart things to one another. She pours water in glass and gives it to Sunaina.

Sunaina says Meet has the storage keys so she questions her goals. Ragini quiets her down saying how might she simply question Meet. Indeed, even after such a long time Meet didn’t change a little. However she decided to be in Barfi’s side for the good of Isha yet she doesn’t uphold her in genuine.

Ragini leaves and Sunaina says however she can’t confide in Meet completely. It would be ideal for ragini to likewise think essentially. Barfi washes the utensils and Babita, Ragini appreciate watching the scene. Ragini says she is glad to see Barfi taking care of business. Meet goes to Barfi’s space to check where she concealed the cash.

Barfi gets goaded speculation Meet needs vengeance from her in this manner she gave such an errand to her. Neelam comes to help Barfi however the last option advises all her eyes on Meet. Neelam says Meet went to Barfi’s room and Barfi gets stunned to hear that. She thinks Meet tricked her and she needed to look through her room. Barfi reviews Profound’s photograph with wreath and she races to her room. Meet really looks at under Barfi’s bed for the cash.

Barfi enters and asks her what she is doing here? Meet concocts rationalization that she is sprinkling the blessed water in her room. Barfi inquires as to whether Meet questions she took the cash? Meet says is it? Then she ought to actually take a look at her room. Barfi cautions her to not play with her else there will be ramifications.

Neelam lets Barfi know that the last option is being severe with Meet and gave her main 48 hours to substantiate herself honest. Barfi says Neelam ought to quit showing compassion to her sautan. Neelam says Meet doesn’t seem to be a hoodlum. Barfi says her blamelessness is phony and she tricks everybody by showing that.

She even won the test utilizing that stunt. Barfi says this time Meet will get caught and this will bring bliss to Neelam as it were. Meet gets into figuring who may be the criminal, she expresses out loud whatever in the event that Barfi didn’t take the cash. Then who is the guilty party? She hears Sunaina’s discussion with her dad that she organized a gigantic measure of cash from a mystery source.

She won’t tell the source to anybody. Meet believes assuming Sunaina is behind this. She additionally questions Masoom that the last option entered her lodge commonly. She additionally can be the criminal. Hosiyar lets Dadi know that he is certain Masoom has taken the cash. In flashback he goes to give tea to Masoom while she is dozing. He attempts to awaken her on the event of Ganpati puja.

She gives him an espresso holder and advises him to make espresso. Hosiyar admonishes her adage why she took the espresso container from the workplace. She says it’s her dad’s office, she can take anything. Hosiyar leaves the room and hears that Masoom is conversing with Mr Ahuja and letting him know she will return the cash to him soon. Flashback closes.

Hosiyar tells Dadi that Masoom took the cash to pay the obligation without a doubt. They choose to find Masoom in the act. Dadi advises him to figure out a thought. Neelam considers wearing same variety garments like Meet Ahlawat. She chooses to invest amounts of energy to draw near to Meet Ahlawat.

Neelam trusts that Meet Ahlawat will come. He and Meet come down the stairs in profound pink garments while Neelam is sporting purple. Neelam gets debilitated and Meet Ahlawat says his past material’s button was broken so he needed to transform it. Ragini lets Slam know that it’s God’s sign, Endlessly meet Ahlawat are wearing variety organizing garments accidentally implies they won’t ever get isolated. Neelam thinks Meet generally separates her and her significant other and Barfi is correct about her. She chooses to take choice from his mind now.

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