Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 17th September 2022:

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 17th September 2022 on

Episode starts with Preesha lets Rudraksh know that he has been disproved once more. She says that Rudraksh is a liar not Armaan. Ruhi tells her that Rudraksh isn’t a liar. She says that she additionally saw drugs so she assisted Rudraksh with changing the meds. Saaransh requests that she keep quiet.

Armaan tells Preesha that Rudraksh involved his children likewise in his arrangement. He says that Ruhi was behaving like losing memory. He tells her that they beguiled her. He says that now she would have perceived they can stoop how low. He lets Vanshika know that she don’t seem to be Prema. Kanchan eliminates Vanshika’s hairpiece.

Digvijay asks Vanshika that what is her relationship with Rudraksh. Vanshika lets him know that she is Rudraksh’s supervisor. Armaan lets Preesha know that this is their existence. Digvijay says that Rudraksh sent Armaan to imprison delebrately so it’s the ideal opportunity for Rudraksh to wind up in prison. He requests that Armaan call the Police.

Armaan is going to call the Police. In any case, Preesha stops him. She lets him know that she would rather not include police in that frame of mind for youngsters purpose. She cautions Rudraksh to not come before her once more. She advises him to leave with his children. Ruhi moves towards Preesha.

In any case, Preesha stops her. She tells her that the last likewise hurted her. She says that Ruhi exploited her adoration and sweet nature. She says that she won’t confide in anybody. She requests that she leave with Rudraksh. Rudraksh and his pack leaves from that point.

Sharda gets befuddled seeing everybody in Khurana house. Rudraksh tells her that Armaan got to know it all and ecposed them. He says that Preesha disdain him more than previously. Ruhi says that everything is finished.

She tells Sharda that Preesha is furious with her as well. Saaransh says that Preesha won’t see them once more. Rudraksh says that he lost. Sharda lets him know that God will send somebody to help them. She requests that he not lose trust.

Then again, Pihu gives Rudraksh’s adoration letters to Preesha. She tells her that the last option will comprehend that the amount Rudraksh loves her subsequent to perusing those letters. Preesha requests that she remove them.

Pihu requests that she not overlook her sentiments. She tells her that she feels that Rudraksh really love her. She says that Preesha love Rudraksh too that is the reason she didn’t call the Police. Preesha tells her that she did that for youngsters. She says that she need to remain alone. Pihu requests that she read those letters and leaves the room.

Afterward, Preesha peruses Rudraksh’s adoration letters. In the mean time, Rudraksh lets himself know that he can’t lose trust since he needs to save Preesha from Armaan. After some time, Armaan consumes Rudraksh’s affection letters. Preesha awakens. She asks him that what’s going on with he.

He tells her that Rudraksh is truly sly on the grounds that these are new letters. He asks her that who gave these letters to her. She lets him know that he is correct. She says that she need to rest. He reviews that how he saw Preesha perusing Rudraksh love letters. So he thought of one new letter. He imagines that he needs to follow through with something.

Precap – Armaan illuminates Thakurs that he and Preesha ought to go to London. Pihu illuminates Rudraksh that Armaan and Preesha going to London. Armaan inquires as to whether she is troubled. Rudraksh asks him that what’s the rush. He says that they need to sit tight for quite a while.

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