Meet 16th December 2022 Written Update:

Meet 16th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Barfi saying to Meet that she arranged an exceptional execution for herself and says she will sign the reports after the exhibition. Barfi sees that it is requiring investment for the artists to come. Barfi says she will proceed to arrive in a moment

Barfi sees that Masum and Ishani came as artists. Barfi seeing this gets amazed and insults Masum and Ishani. Barfi acclaims the one who brought Masum and Ishani and offers twofold the cash for bringing them. Barfi tells the lady to ensure they dance with the end goal that every one individuals will be entranced. The lady concurs. The lady makes a presentation of the artists.

Masum and Ishani make that big appearance. The two of them dance for pretty much nothing. Endlessly meet Ahlawat get stunned to see Masum and Ishani moving. Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that Raj and Babita shouldn’t see this and says they wouldn’t have the option to bear the aggravation. Meet Ahlawat figures how might Ishani and Masum consent to come here. Raj and Babita gets stunned seeing this. Barfi remarks on the Ahlawat young ladies. Raj and Babita feel miserable hearing this.

The police come and stop the dance. Meet thinks the police came with impeccable timing as she called her. The monitor asks Masum and Ishani for what reason didn’t they deny when they were being compelled to move. Masum and Ishani say they were coerced by Chaya. Ishani and Masum let the overseer know how they were coerced.

The monitor shares with Barfi that these sorts of things are illegal. Barfi says she is honest and tosses the fault on the register official. Barfi requests that the examiner come to a side and she will make sense of exhaustively. The investigator concurs and says the party is finished and requests that everybody leave.

Raj and Babita ask Ishani and Masum what happened that they need to do this? Masum and Ishani tell Raj and Babita how they were extorted. Masum and Ishani apologize to Raj and Babita. Meet thinks the silver lining in these issues is that it is lessening the distance between the relatives.

Barfi asks the Ahlawat family who called the police. The Ahlawat family doesn’t answer Barfi. Barfi requests that the worker bring her whip. Barfi attempts to whip Babita however Meet Ahlawat stops Barfi. Barfi requests that Meet Ahlawat discharge her hand. Meet Ahlawat pushes Barfi down. Meet Ahlawat and Meet remove their camouflage. Meet takes the whip and tells Barfi that she will show habits. Meet goes about as though she is hit her yet she doesn’t. Meet differentiates between their personality and Barfi’s and helps her stand.

Babita asks Meet Ahlawat now the thing would they say they will do? Meet Ahlawat asks Raj and Babita what is an ideal justification for them to serve Barfi as workers. Raj says they were stressed over their kids’ security that is the reason they needed to pay attention to Barfi. Barfi inquires as to whether their theatrics is over to take off from the house? Barfi additionally says they will pay for what they did and says she will sell the Ahlawat house tomorrow.

Endlessly meet Ahlawat contemplate how to stop the Ahlawat sell off. Hoshiyar comes to converse with Meet Ahlawat. Hoshiyar agrees with Meet Ahlawat to a particular position and tells Meet Ahlawat the news that Neelam had a fetus removal and the police will take Neelam to an emergency clinic.

Meet Ahlawat gets some information about the other point that he made. Hoshiyar shows the weapon and he brought the firearm very much like he requested. Hoshiyar cautions Meet Ahlawat to be cautious with the firearm. Meet Ahlawat says he needs to save his family and their home and says for that he will do anything.

Meet thinks where could Barfi keep the first reports. Meet thinks she needs to get the first archives before the bartering regardless of anything else.

Meet Ahlawat comes to the emergency clinic in mask as medical clinic staff. Meet enters the Ahlawat manor guilefully. The constable asks Meet Ahlawat where is he going? Meet Ahlawat says he is the ward kid and he wants to go about his business. The constable doesn’t permit him to go yet the constable gets a call.

The constable goes to accept the call. Meet stows away from Barfi Devi. Meet Ahlawat goes into Neelam’s room and sees that Neelam is dozing. Meet Ahlawat focuses a weapon at Neelam’s head. Neelam awakens and sees Meet Ahlawat holding a weapon.

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