Sherdil Shergill 16th December 2022 Written Update:

Sherdil Shergill 16th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with family members and different women addressing who the youngster is. Nirali approaches Manmeet and questions her why she didn’t illuminate about Anmol returning. Manmeet says even she had barely any familiarity with it. Nirali requests that Manmeet hand Anmol to worker.

Manmeet tells that Vidya isn’t worker however she is guardian of her entire house very much like Brijesh. She says that Anmol has quite recently met her now and will begin crying assuming he is isolated so allowed her to enjoy few moments with him.

Everybody begins meddling so Pankhuri misleads them that Manmeet loves kids a great deal so she is playing with worker’s youngster. Gunjan’s mother by marriage attempts to incite Puneet against Vidya. Nirali calls and reproves Puneet for not holding her words and sending back Anmol.

Puneet says she had hardly any insight into it and will amend the mix-up right away. Raj Kumar asks Gunjan for what reason she really wants 2 crore rupees. She says Roshan and her parents in law need it as they endured misfortune in business. Gunjan says regarding the arrangement which Mr Yadav severed during his past commitment.

Raj says he will converse with her parents in law yet Gunjan stops him and says that this might carry risk to his marriage. She beseeches him to stay quiet about her gathering with him and solicitations him to help her. Raj concurs. Puneet calls Vidya and advises her to return right away.

Vidya requests that Manmeet give Anmol to her and goes for muh dikhai once more. Visitors again acclaim her excellence. Brijesh comes and illuminates Manmeet that somebody from office has come to meet her, she requests that he let him stand by however Mishraji comes inside.

Mishraji says that records are significant and require Manmeet’s mark. Nirali requests that he get Raj’s sign all things being equal yet he says Raj has sent him here. Manmeet requests authorization and says she will sign in couple of moments. Women tattle and incite Nirali to monitor Manmeet.

After Mishraji leaves, Manmeet reclaims Anmol and comes to custom once more. They request that she get bunch photograph clicked and give Anmol to worker. They address him as Vidya’s child stunning Manmeet. Manmeet lets them know that they are misconception and Anmol is her own child and Nirali’s grandson. They begin knocking and says Nirali deceived them.

Nirali says Manmeet is Anmol’s mom yet Raj isn’t the dad. One of the women question Manmeet’s personality which causes her to blow her top and she requests that she leave. Any remaining women leave as well. Nirali and Pankhuri begin accusing Manmeet and contend with her.

Nirali incidentally falls however Raj who has recently come misconstrues what is happening and thinks Manmeet pushed her and reproves Manmeet. Brijesh tells Mr Yadav that Manmeet sat idle. He slaps him and advises him to keep his mouth shut. The episode closes with Nirali acting and deceiving Raj that Manmeet embarrassed her infront of visitors.

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