Meet 12th March 2022 Written Update:

Meet 12th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Meet call Mohan Lal and gets occupied no. Meet thinks for what reason is Mohan Lal chacha is saying he doesn’t have any acquaintance with me and it is absolutely impossible that he overlooked me. She reviews the video call discussion with Mohan Lal chacha and thinks Mohan Lal is in sevamandir, Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Assam. Meet Ahlawat asks how she knows. Meet tells she distinguishes effectively in light of the fact that I used to go there with Dad for my granddad’s pindaprsthan.

Meet says it is basically impossible that he recollects that spot and not me. Meet Alhawat says it’s close to them then the two of them go to Kurukshetra. They arrive at Seva mandir Brahma Sarovar Meet Ahlawat acclaims Meet that she should be in CID. Meet sees Mohan Lal and attempts to converse with him however he attempts to close the entryway on Meet when Meet calls him yet she stops him and discusses their previous recollections and asks won’t he help her. Mohan Lal gets passionate.

Meet defies him about his dad’s homicide and questions why he concealed reality. He lets them know that he got terrified however presently I will come clean and I was unable to go with sir because of my better half’s I’ll heath and I don’t realize that it will be last of our meet and they undermined me and send sir’s dead body with me to watching and Hawa Singh took steps to stop my significant other’s treatment and don’t know for whom Hawa Singh worked.

Meet Ahlawat upholds Meet and tells her that Tej saw her Dad’s homicide and there is an association between your Dad’s homicide and Tej missing. Meet says Dad generally regarded you as a relative yet you didn’t ponder us for your family and you fouled up as you didn’t remember to tell us later likewise and you did an error by concealing the slip-up of guilty parties. Mohan Lal says God allowed me one more opportunity to address my mix-ups. Meet requests that he support her to resume the case. Mohan Lal consents to be an observer to the case. Meet Ahlawat lets him know that they will send a vehicle to him in the following day.

Meet lost in herself believing Mohan’s words. Meet Ahlawat sees it and he improves her mind-set with his jokes. He guarantees her that they will win the case and take her out on the town. Meet lets him know she will take him to date and lets him know that she gets his aims. They remember to illuminate relatives about Ashok’s homicide.

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Masoom requests that Sunaina give her more spread. Sunaina gives her. Masoom says trust I’m not focusing on you as I have desires. Sunaina tells she will set up her beginning and end. Masoom remembers to get back at her with work. Raj gets some information about Tej. Sunaina lets him know Tej went to Ram and Lakhan school as their watchman as teachers need to know how he made them review.

Masoom signs Duggu. Duggu conciliatory sentiments to Sunaina and calls her Mom. Sunaina feels blissful. Masoom shows them Duggu arranged genealogical record tolerating Tej and Sunaina as his folks. Raj grins seeing it. Meet requests that Duggu share with her assuming he has any issues. Duggu goes to her. Masoom says he showed his sentiments in the genealogical record however for what reason do I feel you’re not content with reception. Meet doesn’t say anything in like that.

Masoom says reception will happen 2days. Meet goes to go to the call. Slam requests that Ragini talk with Meet. Ragini concurs. Mohan Lal expresses gratitude toward Meet for preparing him to confront reality. Meet lets him know that they will get him in 60 minutes. She lets Meet know that they need to uncover reality to the family. Ragini asks which truth. Meet tells she will uncover before everybody. They head inside. Meet lets everybody know that her Dad is killed. Everybody gets stunned. Meet says Tej is the observer of my Dad’s homicide and that is the reason those individuals vanished Tej Bhai. Hawa Singh is engaged with this and I heard from him that he obliterated all bits of proof yet presently I got proof to resume this case. Smash feels strained.

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