BhagyaLakshmi 12th March 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 12th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Rishi asking Lakshmi how she becomes Malishka in the wake of opening the draperies in his room. Lakshmi goes towards him. Rishi asks what’s going on with’s she. Lakshmi says I’m smelling to realize the amount you drank as I came to Icu yet I didn’t come to your room and didn’t open the drapery. She asks what befallen him.

Rishi tells I don’t have the foggiest idea what I am feeling yet after the shot hit me, I felt that I feel something for you. She takes a gander at him and asks everything he needs to say to her and lets him know that she will not get him wrong. Rishi says you’re the person who gets me yet I’m feeling apprehensive. Lakshmi requests that he not feel anxious. Rishi tells Lakshmi, you let me know whatever is written in that card is your affections for me, correct? After the slug hit me, I understood that. Sudheer upsets them. Rishi sends him.

Bani yells seeing Karishma and Kiran. Karishma chides her for yelling. Bani inquires as to whether they saw Shalu. Karishma tells they don’t have any idea and leaves. Malishka and Sonia come to the circuit room. Malishka says Rishi hasn’t arrived. The worker tells somebody taken intertwine. Sonia berates Malishka that Lakshmi probably turned the lights. Malishka inquires as to why she could do that? According to sonia, there can be many reasons. She probably came up with a rationalization, came there, and switched out the lights. I’m certain that she should be with Rishi at the present time.

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Lakshmi sends Sudheer and lets Rishi know that she going to Shalu and Bani as they would get terrified in obscurity. Rishi stops her by holding her dupatta’s pallu and is going to go down on his knee yet stops then he inquires as to whether she can turn into his companion. According to lakshmi, companions. Rishi says in this manner they can know one another in a superior manner. Lakshmi requests that he talk with Malishka about it. Rishi says acknowledge it then I will converse with her. Lakshmi gestures yes. Rishi feels cheerful and tells her that he will demonstrate young lady and kid can be companions and they shake their hands. Karishma and Kiran Witness it.

Bani comes there calling Lakshmi and illuminates Lakshmi that Shalu is mysteriously gone. Balwinder and his companion bring seize somebody. Balwinder calls Rano. Rano comes there. They cover their countenances. Then, at that point, they get stunned seeing he hijacked Neha rather than Shalu. Shalu meets Lakshmi and Bani and asks whom they are looking. Neha and Rano admonish Balwinder. Bani inquires as to why she didn’t come out when she called. Shalu tells he just prodded her. Rishi calls them for supper. Lakshmi’s hand contacts him and he feels better. Lakshmi accepts her auntie’s message and leaves from that point. Rishi grins reviewing his minutes with Lakshmi. Malishka feels awkward.

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