Thapki Pyar Ki 12th March 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 12th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Purab posing Thapki to address his inquiries without redirecting the matter. Thapki says Hansika is the solution to your inquiries. Purab inquires as to why she is making Hansika as her insurance? Hansika put her life in extreme danger while saving Sargam, could you have disgrace? He leaves.

Hansika sees Thapki with Sawri garments and asks what’s happening with’s she. Thapki tells Veena maa requested that I stay here. Hansika says she requested that Sawri stay. Thapki says she will let everybody know that she is Sawri then they might pardon and acknowledge me then they will toss you out. Hansika figures she can’t let relatives track down reality. She says Veena dislike to take your assistance.

Thapki comes clean with her she will uncover to Purab in the shoot and tells her that she have CCTV evidence against her which demonstrates how she gave cash to Doctor to not allow Sargam to recuperate from her trance like state and how she ruined the show. Hansika says you’re lying as though you have them then you might utilize them. Thapki says she brought in cash as Sawri Ji which causes her to get verification. Hansika feels strained however says she is making stories. Thapki leaves telling her she will accept once Purab tosses her out. Hansika remembers to stop Thapki saying she will not lose in hands of Thapki.

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The following day Purab is in the area of the shoot. Hansika comes there and inquires as to whether Thapki came. Purab inquires as to for what reason will Thapki come here. Hansika says Thapki said she will ruin the shoot that is the reason I came here and she inquires as to whether Sawri came. He tells her vehicle went to get Sawri. Hansika leaves from that point letting him know that she failed to remember her telephone at home. She requests that her men illuminate her assuming Purab leaves from the set. They concur.

Hansika calls somebody and she requests that he supplant Sawri’s driver at the sign point and requests that he carry her to the area she shared. Preeti comes to Sagar. Sagar requests that she leave telling her he came to Holi shopping with Priyanka. Preeti inquires as to why he is overlooking her and asks when he takes her to shopping and lets him know that she is missing him. Sagar expressions of remorse to her for overlooking her and tells her that they will sentiment at Holi’s party and tells her that he will book her an arrangement in the spa. She feels blissful.

He goes near kiss her however she tells him later and requests that he not fail to remember her gift. Priyanka sees them and ponders instructing illustration to them. Driver stops the vehicle. Thapki inquires as to whether all is great. Driver tells her that he will check it then he illuminates Hansika that work is done and leaves from that point. Thapki asks him where is he leaving however he won’t stop.

Hansika comes to Thapki and asks how she felt her shock. Hansika men notice Purab goes to Vanity. Hansika shares with Thapki, do you figure I will allow you to let Purab know all reality with such ease. Thapki asks her how will you respond. Hansika focuses a firearm at her. Thapki says assuming you could, you would have done that long back. Hansika says you never bothered me thusly so presently it’s required. Hansika pulls her yet Thapki drives her and flees. Hansika gets Thapki and requests that she give her accounts. Thapki denies. Hansika says you can prevail upon me and I can do nothing to win so hand over accounts.

Thapki denies. Hansika tosses Thapki and advises her anything that violations she did to make everybody against her and she tells I did everything to wed Purab and on the off chance that you attempt to come clean with him, I won’t remain quiet and she keeps her at gunpoint and requests recording. Purab comes inbetween them on his bicycle and takes the gun from Hansika. Thapki grins.

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