Main Hoon Aparajita Written Updates 21st October 2022:

Main Hoon Aparajita Written Updates 21st October 2022 on

Episode begins with Disha telling Aparajita that this Sindhur is only a phony personality to say Akshay is their dad and as a result of it Akshay offended her. Disha attempts to wipe away the Sindhur from Aparajita’s Maang.

Aparajita stops her. She tells Disha that this Maang is the image of our relationship with this house. Disha says it is likewise the image of the relationship with the one who offended her and attempts to strongly wipe away Sindhur from Aparajita’s Maang. Aparajita attempts to stop Disha. Dadi sees this and stops Disha.

Dadi is going to fall yet Aparajita holds her. Amma shares with Aparajita you wear this sindhur for myself and as a result of it, you confronted this large number of put-downs. Disha says Akshay needs to realize that he is dead for themselves and she attempts to clear Sindoor off of Aparajita’s maang.

Amma stops Disha and cautions her to not discuss her child’s demise. Disha attempts to say something. Aparajita yells at her to leave the room. Disha leaves. Aparajita gets some information about Disha’s words.

Disha cries sitting on the couch. Asha requests that Disha tell her what occurred. That time Mohini and Akshay get back. Akshay requests that Mohini stop. Mohini faces him about how might he attempts to fill Aparajita’s maang leaving her.

Disha and Asha witness their battle. Amma lets Aparajita know that she has trust that Akshay will get back to her as God joined them and her relationship with her is interfacing with him. Aparajita says their security is associated by affection and nothing can isolate him. They embrace one another. Aparajita ponders how to advise Amma to leave her expectations as there is a bad situation for Akshay in her life.

Chavi requests that Disha tell her what occurred. Disha says you believe that we should take off from the house to satisfy your father’s interest right. Chavi asks her for what valid reason she is talking fo her along these lines. Disha shows a video of the house where Akshay needs to send them. Chavi says it can’t be reality. Disha requests that Chavi quit believing Akshay as he needs to send us to a far off region where we have no offices. Chavi says Father can’t swindle me and leaves.

Mohini packs her gear. Akshay demands her to not leave him and requests that she not muddle things. Disha and Asha hear their battle and appreciate it. Mohini says you’re entangling things, I came here to get my freedoms yet you’re giving spouse privileges to Aparajita so I’m leaving and Manish is coming to get me. Akshay leaves saying he will converse with Manish. Disha and Asha feel blissful reasoning Akshay will take off from the house after Mohini.

Chavi figures it very well may be a transformed photograph and Father can’t deceive me. She accepts Go’s message assuming she arrives at home securely. She sees Akshay and lets him know that she needs to converse with him however he pushes her and leaves saying he is occupied. Chavi goes to the shop. Guffran gives her water and goes to convey orders. Chavi cries reviewing everything. That time she accepts Go’s call and chastens him why he is upsetting her.

He tells her he needs to erase their awful gathering and guarantees her that he will show up for her. Disha lets Asha know that she is so blissful and says we should host a gathering. Asha gets some information about Chavi di. Disha says it’s Chavi’s mix-up and I fouled up by halting Chavi to converse with mother. Aparajita comes there and inquires as to why she halted Chavi and asks them where is Chavi. Asha says Chavi left when Disha chastened her. They go to look for Chavi in the clothing.

Chavi meets Go. Asha inquires as to whether he saw Chavi. Guffran says when he went for conveyance, she was here and says after he came from the conveyance she hasn’t arrived. Aparajita attempts to call Chavi. Aparajita doesn’t get an answer. Aparajita chooses to look for Chavi. Aparajita requests that Asha and Disha go to the house. Chavi gets in the MLA’s child’s vehicle. Aparajita passes by the vehicle and doesn’t see Chavi.

Go gets in the vehicle. He inquires as to whether she is contemplating what her mom will think? He expresses gratitude for at last gathering him and says she is truly honest. Chavi reviews the thing Aparajita said about her being honest. Chavi requests that he stop the vehicle. He stops the vehicle. Chavi says coming here without expressing anything to her mom isn’t correct. Chavi attempts to leave. He stops Chavi.

Aparajita gets stressed as Chavi didn’t get back home till now. Aparajita reviews what occurred with Chavi. Aparajita feels regretful for her way of behaving with Chavi. Aparajita says she will proceed to search for Chavi. Mounitha ponders internally that she and Aparajita additionally contended with Akshay simply her contention with Akshay isn’t genuine and Aparajita’s contention is genuine. Mounitha shares with herself from here on out awful time begins for Aparajita.

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