Meet Written Update 21st October 2022:

Meet Written Update 21st October 2022 on

Episode begins with Raj telling Meet Ahlawat that Neelam is conveying his kid. He looks frustrated and Meet Ahlawat checks Meet out. He figures he didn’t contact Neelam then why she got pregnant. Meet thinks she confides in him completely that he can’t do this to her.

Raj makes a declaration that already he didn’t acknowledge Neelam as his little girl in regulation. In any case, now that Meet Ahlawat acknowledged her as his significant other then Raj likewise acknowledges her as his girl in regulation. Meet Ahlawat reviews how he tied mangalsutra around Meet’s neck.

Raj apologizes to Meet as a top priority. He says Meet Ahlawat made’s Meetextremely upset yet presently he anticipates that he should remain steadfast with Neelam atleast. Meet gets weepy. Meet Ahlawat stands up to Neelam and asks her who owns this child? What plan she made with Barfi to trap him? He lashes out at her and she begins crying. He says he doesn’t believe his family should acknowledge a falsehood.

Barfi uncovers reality to Meet and gets close to home. She says Neelam was assaulted by an individual and she was concerned for her future. She was unable to tell Neelam’s reality to any other person world would have taken her life. Barfi imparts the awful occurrence to Meet. Meet Ahlawat offers water to Neelam and says he has to know reality.

Meet comes to him and says it was not Neelam’s shortcoming but rather somebody has grabbed her honor and assaulted her. Barfi argues before Meet Ahlawat that it was reality she was stowing away from him. That is the reason she constrained him to wed Neelam. She had no way out except for doing that. She requests that he save Neelam’s life and future. Meet Ahlawat leaves the room.

Neelam cries embracing Barfi that Meet Ahlawat would toss her out of his life as she is utilized by somebody. Meet control center her and makes her lay in bed. Barfi reviews how she controlled Laila by sharing the arrangement and afterward executed it. Barfi thinks Meet will be the principal spouse who will demolish her own union with save Neelam’s life.

Meet Ahlawat sits crushed and Meet sits close to him. He says why they can’t remain glad for a really long time. Why it happened to him? Neelam transforms into Laila at 12 PM. She awakens and leaves. Barfi stresses thinking where did she go?

Meet Ahlawat says some of the time he feels like he will abandon all obligations and will invest energy with Meet just far away from every one of the strains. However at that point he recollects his guarantee to Profound. Meet says Neelam likewise endured a great deal so they need to remain close by rebuffing the attacker. They solace one another and Neelam shows up. She looks unpleasant and gazes at Meet and her significant other. Barfi fears imagine a scenario in which Laila assaults them.

Neelam tranquilly handles what is going on and says thanks to Endlessly meet Ahlawat. She expresses out loud anything they accomplished for her is excellent. She says the two of them are made for one another and she won’t divide them. She simply needs some time and she will pass on in the wake of bringing forth the kid. She requests that Endlessly meet Ahlawat celebrate karwachauth tomorrow as they have a place with one another. Neelam sees Meet’s mangalsutra in Meet Ahlawat’s hand. She leaves. Barfi hears everything.

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