Main Hoon Aparajita 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Go telling Chavi that tomorrow world will trust that the moon will rise and I will sit tight for you. Chavi looks dazzled. He leaves. Asha awakens and calls Chavi. Aparajita shares with Disha that Chavi preferring Go so there may be something in him and trust Chavi doesn’t get double-crossing.

Disha says you might experience passionate feelings for again mother. Aparajita says she adores her girls. Asha asks what’s she doing approach the window. Chavi doesn’t say anything. Asha requests that Chavi make sense of what they feel when somebody is infatuated. Chavi says they begin to like everything in adoration.

Asha says she is wanting for her perfect suitor. Chavi requests that she stop it. She chooses to converse with Aparajita about Karva Chauth’s past for Go.

Amma figures Aparajita will in all actuality do quick for Akshay, not Mohini. Aparajita reminds Chavi about her commitment. Nia messages Asha and calls her sisters for a lunch treat. Asha answers it’s unrealistic. Nia begs her. Asha says Chavi and Disha will not concur.

Nia answers you can make it happen. Disha calls Asha to have supper. Mohini asks the specialist where is her sargi thali. The specialist says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Nia asks her what occurred. Mohini says her Karva Chauth Thaali is missing.

At the feasting table, Chavi inquires as to whether she does Karvachauth for father. Aparajita says I used to do it for Dadi once your father left me. Disha says this year compelling reason need to make it happen. Aparajita says she will not do it this year. Chavi asks won’t she accomplish for Dadi too.

Disha says it’s not required. She inquires as to for what reason you’re so intrigued, Would you say you are intending to make it happen? Chavi expresses it’s for a hitched lady so I will not make it happen. They hear a calling ringer. Aparajita sees sargi. Disha asks who send it. Amma calls Aparajita and inquires as to whether she loves her amazement. Aparajita looks on. Asha sees Aparajita’s mangalsutra in it. Aparajita gets some information about it.

Amma uncovers how she paid off a specialist to cause her to get mangalsutra and Shagun. She requests that Aparajita do her Karva Chauth. She hears somebody thumping on the entryway and disengages the call. Disha requests that Aparajita not do any karvachauth. Chavi requests that Aparajita make it happen.

Mohini slaps the laborer before Amma. Amma says she did it not laborer. Specialist leaves. Mohini says you’re harming me for that Aparajita. Aparajita says I will acknowledge sargi as it’s Amma’s adoration yet I won’t wear this mangalsutra and will not do Karvachauth. Mohini lets Amma know that she will pamper Aparajita’s work as her retribution.

Akshay and Manish drink wine. Mohini comes there and whines to Akshay that his mother sent her sargi to Aparajita. She cautions him to stop Amma if not she will follow through with something. Akshay concurs. Mohini leaves. Akshay believes that Aparajita is as yet fasting for his prosperity.

The following day, Disha lets Chavi and Asha know that somebody ate sargi. Chavi says perhaps, mother made them change her heart. Disha says mother will not make it happen. The administrator illuminates Mla that the resistance is contradicting his meeting program. Mla says he won’t drop it and requests that he increment security without illuminating anybody about it. Go hears it. Aparajita asks the police for what good reason they are orchestrating bargates.

Pappy expresses as indicated by the sent message something will happen today and it very well may be a bomb impact as well. Constable requests that she not spread counterfeit news and it’s for the Mla rally. Pappy requests that Aparajita know straightforwardly from Mla as he is the dad of her little girl’s darling. Aparajita requests that she read sent message. She is going to leave. Mohini stands up to assuming that she is doing karvachauth for her significant other. Aparajita inquires as to whether she is terrified that she will lose Akshay to her. She reprimands her and leaves.

Disha plans pakodis. Nia messages Asha to carry her sisters to lunch at 2 pm. Asha concurs. Nia requests that Akshay take her to lunch. He concurs. Aparajita calls Amma and advises her that she would rather not do Karwachauth. Amma says it’s your desire so depend on your instinct. Aparajita grins and separates the call.

Akshay comes there with desserts. He requests that Aparajita give desserts to his children. Aparajita says kids are grown up and they comprehend who loves them so stop this father show. Akshay defies why she does Karvachauth and goes up against assuming she is anticipating that he should get back to her.

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