Main Hoon Aparajita 14th November 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Go coming to Aparajita’s home. Disha sees him. Chavi and Asha come there as well. They are stunned to see him. Disha yells at him how might you venture to come here? Go disregards her and goes to Chavi. Disha is going to go after him with a pail yet Aparajita stops her and uncovers to them that she called him.

Everybody gets amazed. Go is going to take Aparajita’s favors. She stops him saying it’s not required. She makes Go sit and serves him food. Go apologizes to her. Aparajita says we can talk later so first eat. Go eats the food. Aparajita asks in which matter he is saying ‘sorry’ She says she might very well never permit him to converse with Chavi due to his past activities. Go hacks.

Chavi feels concerned and is going to give him water. Aparajita gives him water. She says she confides in Chavi’s decision and requests that he give them an opportunity to be aware in the event that he is right to Chavi or not. Aparajita says Chavi needs to finish her examinations, you want to arrive at your objective in the event that you have any objective and until, you all can remain as companions. Go commitments her that they will be companions until Chavi finishes her examinations. Chavi says thanks to Aparajita.

Aparajita illuminates her choice to Amma available to come in to work. Amma says she is against her choice. Aparajita says I saw love in Chavi and I gave her opportunity to pick what’s best for her. Chavi and Go talk about that they can never break the trust of Aparajita. Akshay sees Go and Chavi from his overhang and goes down the stairs out of resentment.

Amma inquires as to whether her choice turns out badly. Aparajita says I’m terrified however I trust my children won’t break my tryst like Akshay. Amma says Mohini changed Akshay and he isn’t so terrible and wishes everything is okay among you and Akshay. Aparajita says it’s anything but a misstep of Mohini and the person who deceived me is Akshay and there is a bad situation for him in my life. Amma says they don’t have the foggiest idea what occurs in future.

Akshay admonishes Go for coming to meet Chavi. He cautions Go to leave. Chavi attempts to stop him yet he didn’t tune in. Asha gets down on Aparajita. Akshay holds Go’s collar. Aparajita requests that Akshay leave Go and lets him know that she called him and I acknowledged their fellowship. Akshay gets stunned.

Mohini gives adornments for cleaning and she requests that he add jewels in Aparajita’s mangalsutra as she needs to wear it in KarvaChauth. He concurs. Amma calls him higher up to take her gems. Aparajita sends Go and she sends her girls inside. Akshay requests that the neighbors leave.

He asks Aparajita won’t she is terrified pondering what region individuals think. Aparajita says she quit pondering neighbors and their discussions when he left her. Akshay says you will lament your choice and she might pay attention to you in the event that you told her. Aparajita questions assuming he paid attention to Amma. He gets stunned. Aparajita requests that he leave.

Akshay gets back. Nia inquires as to why he looks tense. Akshay imparts to her that Aparajita isn’t allowing him to meet his little girl. He heads inside. Nia figures she will make her father meet his girls. Chavi available to come in to work apologizes to Go for Akshay’s way of behaving.

Go says he failed to remember it and tells her that he is going to quick for her for karvachaut and requests that she quick for him without Aparajita’s information. He requests that she have his name Mehendi on her hand as he has on his heart. Chavi asks what he implied. Go comes there and shocks Chavi. He shows her name on his heart and tells her that she is his justification behind living. He leaves.

Aparajita messages Disha’s hair. Disha tells her that her choice is off-base. Aoarajita says they need to trust Chavi. Go returns. He kisses Chavi and tells her that he sits tight for her tomorrow when the world hangs tight for moon.

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