Main Hoon Aparajita 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Akshay’s girl going to sit in the retailer’s vehicle. Aparajita sees the businessperson marking his men. She prevents the young lady from sitting in the dealer’s vehicle and says she won’t go anyplace with you. Retailer requests that she go about her responsibilities.

Aparajita requests that he take cash from her however he denies it. Akshay’s girl says she can’t accept her assistance as she is an outsider. Aparajita asks how might she go in a more peculiar’s vehicle. She compromises the retailer that she will call the police on the off chance that he didn’t leave taking the cash. The businessperson leaves taking cash.

Aparajita lets the young lady know that the businessperson’s expectations are bad and she saw his signs to his men. Mohini’s girl says I didn’t see him as it will not occur in Dubai. She expresses I’m from Dubai and buying these Jhumkas for my mom. Aparajita says so you’re from Dubai why did you come here.

Mohini’s little girl says she came to astonish her folks who details here. Aparajita says you voyaged in isolation? She says she also has 3 girls. Disha, Chavi, and Asha attempt to take Aparajita sarees from Mohini’s men. Chavi gets Go messages. She calls him and requests that he come to help them.

Aparajita offers Akshay’s girl to drop her in her Slam pyaari. She says she previously employed a taxi and expresses gratitude toward Aparajita for help. Go asks Chavi what occurred. Chavi says they are tossing our things without our authorization.

She understands she is offering to Go, she requests that he not come as I shared unintentionally and Disha won’t leave assuming you came here. Mohini thinks they are occupied here and uninformed about the genuine arrangement I.e I made my men place a snake inside their clothes washer and seeing whom that snake will bite is fascinating. Mohini man puts the snake inside the clothes washer without Guffran information.

One man comes there and buys everything that have a place with Aparajita’s loved ones. Mohini requests that that man take Aparajita’s pre-arranged cover for Chavi and says it’s useless. Akshay stops her and asks what’s going on. Mohini says nothing I’m tossing old things except for these young ladies are making Hungama.

Akshay says I realize that you might make this show however I cautioned you to not. Akshay asks the individual who purchased what to return them yet he denies it. Akshay offers him twofold the cash. Chavi says they needn’t bother with his assistance or phony compassion. She requests that the individual take all things.

Akshay says your mother is affecting you against me however in all actuality. Chavi says compelling reason need to hear anything from you as you confided in Mohini’s words and removed us from home. She says she would even not like to call him father. He requests that she not say it that way.

Chavi says I might feel quite a bit better in the event that you think like my dad briefly however you figured like Mohini’s significant other and you didn’t attempt to know reality and the fact of the matter is Mohini’s companion’s child attempted to powerfully kiss me. Akshay gets stunned. Chavi says you underestimate our affection and you break my trust and I can at no point ever trust you in the future.

She takes the sweeping from him and says this sweeping is a gift from my mother and nobody has the privilege to sell it. She leaves with her sister. Chavi takes Disha inside to swathe her injury. Guffran asks them what occurred and how Disha is harmed. Asha requests that he take care of his responsibilities and spots garments in the clothes washer without seeing the snake.

Aparajita asks Asha where could she have been? Asha says she was placing garments in the clothes washer. Guffran comes and shares with Aparajita that they are concealing something from him and Disha is harmed. Aparajita gets some information about it.

Akshay comes and asks Mohini how did she respond? Akshay questions Mohini about what occurred at the party and asks Mohini for what valid reason didn’t she stop when somebody is getting rowdy with Chavi.

Mohini says she likewise has a girl and says she truly do nothing like that to Chavi. Mohini says she could never indulge her own party. Akshay questions Mohini on for what reason did she unexpectedly organize party that day. Asha shares with Aparajita what occurred.

Aparajita says she won’t leave Mohini. Mohini behaves like she got injured by his scrutinizing and requests that Akshay call the police to toss her behind bars. Akshay presses Mohini for a response. Mohini doesn’t address the inquiry nevertheless behaves like she is wounded by his scrutinizing.

Aparajita asks where is Disha. Aparajita sees that Disha is harmed. Akshay cautions Mohini to avoid her little girls and Aparajita. Aparajita in all actuality does medical aid for Disha. Mohini shares with Akshay she will avoid her little girls yet not from Aparajita and says she needs to pay for how she treated Mohini. Aparajita and Disha discuss Mohini. The snake approaches Aparajita’s feet.

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