Meet 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Meet 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meet reasoning she needs to find out where Neelam is hospitalized. Meet calls every one of the clinics inquiring as to whether a patient named Neelam is conceded in their clinic. Ragini and Sunaina discuss Meet Ahlawat and his recollections of what he used to do on Diwali. Ragini goes to Goddess to return Meet Ahlawat to them.

Sunaina guarantees Ragini that Meet Ahlawat will get back soon. Sunaina inquires as to whether she thinks Meet is the person who did this? Ragini says she confides in Meet. Sunaina says Neelam likewise couldn’t do that as they have at least some idea how is Neelam. Meet solicitations Sunaina and Ragini’s assistance and asks them where is Neelam hospitalized.

Sunaina apologizes to Meet and says she can’t perceive her where Neelam is hospitalized. Ishani comes and says to Address there is no issue to anticipate help from Ragini. Ishani says to Meet that she believes her and she will remain close by.

Meet comes and converses with Raj and asks Raj for her favors and gets out anything she came clean with is. Raj says he considers her his child and says he totally confides in her. Laila carries Meet Ahlawat to the medical clinic. The Hooligan gives the cash to the compounder. The Hooligan leaves from that point.

Meet tells Raj her dad showed her how to battle and says she won’t move in an opposite direction from this battle. Meet says she will find where Neelam concealed Meet Ahlawat and bring him back. Laila thinks regardless of what Meet does she will always be unable to track down Meet Ahlawat. Laila totally gauzes Meet Ahlawat’s face. Babita supposes on the off chance that Meet didn’t bring back Meet Ahlawat then she needs to confront her indignation.

Raj says to Meet that regardless of what happens he is her ally and inquires as to whether she is certain Neelam did this. Babita says she is certain Meet will find out where is Neelam and says she chose to remain with Neelam until these 24 hrs. Barfi requests that Babita stay here and says she will remain with Neelam. Babita concurs.

Meet solicitations Raj for help. Raj concurs and asks Meet how would it be advisable for him to respond? Raj comes to Masum and behaves like he is edified with this occurrence and says he will totally trust her from here on out. Raj asks Masum not to tell Meet in which clinic is Neelam at.

Masum says she won’t tell Meet that Neelam is in the Magnanimous emergency clinic. Meet snoops and hears the name of the clinic
Raj asks Masum what is room no and Masum says Neelam is in room no-15. Raj acclaims Masum and embraces her.

Laila comes and says to Meet Ahlawat who is oblivious that with in a couple of hours they will pass on to a spot far away from his family and not even close to Meet and says nobody will upset them.

Meet attempts to leave however Babita stops Meet and says she will stay put. Meet inquires as to whether she doesn’t go how might she track down Meet Ahlawat. Babita faults Meet and requests that Meet quit playing dramatizations and asks where is Meet Ahlawat. Meet says she didn’t hijack Meet Ahlawat. Laila is demonstrated to embrace Meet Ahlawat who is oblivious.

Babita shows the Diya and says to Meet that Meet Ahlawat has gotten them to light them on the event of Diwali. Babita says in the event that Meet Ahlawat doesn’t return on Diwali then Ahlawat’s chateau will be in obscurity. Meet says she won’t ever permit it to work out. Meet lights a Diya and guarantees infront of the god that she will bring back Meet Ahlawat and says he will be the person who will light the Diya infront of Goddess Lakshmi. Meet gives the Diya to Babita and says it is her guarantee to her.

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