Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Arjun sees his vehicle and he admonishes Preeta. Preeta requests that he send the bill and leaves from that point with Dadi. Then again, Rishabh cautions Anjali to not drag his relatives.

Anjali says that nobody like to discuss Preeta. He asks her that what is her concern. He says that he isn’t keen on discussing this matter. She lets him know that he hurted Arjun. She says that Arjun put his life in extreme danger to save them however they brought controlling request.

Shekhar requests that they quiet down. Rishabh faults him for this. He says that Shekhar ought to have informed him that who is coming for the gathering. Anjali requests that he converse with her straightforwardly. He tells her that she don’t have sense that is the reason she is hauling his own matter in this expert spot.

Shekhar requests that they quit battling. Rishabh apologizes to him. Anjali requests that he keep his phony expression of remorse with him. Rishabh lets him know that he didn’t apologize to her and leaves from that point.

Preeta and Dadi goes into the house. Rakhi illuminates them about shanti puja. Dadi tells her that how Preeta managed Arjun’s vehicle. Rakhi inquires as to whether they are fine. Preeta tells her that it’s simply a scratch so no issues. Cleric comes there. Preeta and Srishti takes Cleric favors.

Rakhi gets some information about puja time and fixings list. Minister says that puja will occur at 11am and he gives fixings rundown to Rakhi. Kareena calls Preeta so Preeta heads inside. Rakhi advises Cleric that she need to play out another puja as well. Cleric gestures at her.

Arjun and Snigdha’s Dadi goes into the house. Worker says that he returned on the grounds that he has no where to go. Dadi advises Arjun to toss his wedding band since she realize he like Preeta and heads inside. Preeta calls Rishabh and inquires as to whether he is fine. Rishabh guarantees her that he is fine. She requests that he come to house straightforwardly and drive cautiously.

He sees that Anjali’s vehicle stall. He inquires as to whether she called the repairman. He really looks at her motor. Srishti plays with Kavya and the last option loses. Preeta asks that how Kavya lost. Kavya requests that she not get possessive. Preeta offers milk to Kavya. However, Kavya declines so Srishti persuades her to drink it.

Rishabh inquires as to whether she is furious still because of morning episode. Anjali lets him know that vehicle isn’t beginning so she needs to call the technician. He says that it’s now late. He offers lift to her. She acknowledges his proposition. Preeta sees that it’s pouring. She shuts the window. She calls Rishabh however no reaction from opposite side. She believes that appears as though something awful going to occur. Rishabh says that tempest will come. Anjali lets him know that tempest has been shown up.

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