Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Dadi grumbles that nobody is there to take her to sanctuary. Preeta tells her that she will take her and they goes out. Then again, Arjun and Dadi arrives at the sanctuary. Preeta and Dadi likewise comes to same sanctuary. Arjun and Preeta’s hands gets contacted and they feels something. Dadi takes Preeta from that point before Preeta sees Arjun.

Arjun’s Dadu advises Minister that she need to apologize to God for terminating her worker from the gig. Minister tells her that in the event that she understood her mix-up, that is enough for God to excuse her. Arjun sees Preeta imploring God. He reviews that how she brought limiting request and leaves from that point. He ponders that why he flies off the handle when Preeta calls Rishabh as her better half when he can’t stand her to such an extent.

Dadu calls Arjun and asks him that where is he. Arjun tells her that he is ground floor. She lets him know that she don’t have the foggiest idea about a method for coming ground floor. Dadi hears everything and she takes the telephone from Dadu. She reprimands Arjun and requests that he come and take his Dadu.

Rakhi lets Mahesh know that they are dealing with numerous issues these days so she wanted to perform ‘shanti puja’. She says that she welcomed not many visitors and five Ministers. She adds that she intended to give sarees to sanctuary through Minister. She says that she believes Preeta should live with her better half long lasting. She lets him know that she saw love in her child’s eyes for Preeta and she believes Preeta should cherish him.

In the sanctuary, Arjun and Preeta sees one another and they shares an eye lock. Furthermore, the red chunni falls on them. Arjun reviews that how once a woman requested that he purchase red chunni and he got it yet it fell on Preeta.

Anjali illuminates Shekhar that Arjun can’t come for meeting. Rishabh comes there. Shekhar says that they can begin the gathering. Rishabh says that Arjun ought to come. Shekhar lets him know that Arjun can’t come. Rishabh says that they ought to defer the gathering. Anjali lets him know that Arjun can’t come because of individual reasons.

He tells her that even he was in the medical clinic yesterday and he came today in light of his expert responsibility. She inquires as to whether he is deferring the undertaking to not lose the honor. He tells her that he don’t work for grants. He says that it’s an arrangement among him and Arjun and no utilization of this gathering without Arjun. She lets him know that he is furious because of Preeta. He cautions her to not drag his relatives.

Preeta inquires as to whether he is following her. Arjun requests that she give police objection against him. She misconstrues that he hold her pallu and reproves him. Then she leaves from that point. Dadi asks her that for what reason the last option is looking strained.

Preeta tells her that she saw Arjun there. Arjun ponders that who left vehicle close to his vehicle. Preeta comes there. Arjun asks her that how might he take his vehicle now. Dadi lets him know that they will pay for harm. Arjun sees his vehicle.

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