BhagyaLakshmi 18th November 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bani contemplating what’s going on with Lakshmi? Bani questions God on for what reason does Lakshmi needs to go through all the misery? Bani asks Shalu how is Lakshmi? Shalu cries and says nothing. Bani shares with Shalu that she is frightening her and asks what occurred.

Shalu says Lakshmi has been arrested by the police.Bani asks what was the deal? Shalu says the others are getting Lakshmi wrong. Bani asks Shalu for what valid reason didn’t she save Lakshmi? Shalu says Neelam tossed her out of the house. Bani expresses not long before Shalu came she was quarreling with God over for what reason does Lakshmi needs to go through all the misery? Bani says somebody is outlining Lakshmi. Shalu concurs and thinks who is doing this.

Malishka is demonstrated to be one who is outlining Lakshmi. Malishka chuckles to herself and says she captured herself and with this Lakshmi will be in prison and says she will make Rishi hers in the future. Balwinder acclaims Malishka’s acting. Balwinder says assuming Lakshmi sees this video even she will imagine that she captured Malishka. Malishka says at this point the police ought to have found Lakshmi’s hoop that she tossed in her room and says the police will arrest Lakshmi. Balwinder likewise acclaims and says they ought to party.

Abhay apologizes to Neelam and says her little girl in regulation isn’t correct. Kiran likewise discusses Lakshmi. Neelam likewise says Lakshmi is foreboding. Neelam guarantees Kiran that Lakshmi will open her mouth once the police grill Lakshmi.

Ayush feels remorseful about what he did? Shalu calls Ayush and asks him how is he? Ayush says he is fine. Shalu shares with Ayush that Lakshmi is arrested by the police since everybody thinks Lakshmi grabbed Malishka. Ayush believes assuming he was there he couldn’t ever have permitted that to occur. Ayush says he will deal with it and cuts the call.

The police are going to capture Lakshmi. Ayush arrives at request that the police stop. Ayush asks the police on what premise are a they capturing Lakshmi. The controller shows the studs and says we have found the hoops in Malishka’s room and says Lakshmi isn’t saying where did she go last evening?

Ayush tells the police that Lakshmi is with him the previous evening and says he got into a mishap and says he called Lakshmi for help. He likewise says the shortcoming is different folks and says he was participated in the medical clinic and says he can check with the emergency clinic to be aware in the event that he is coming clean or not?

The overseer says they will confirm it and deliveries Lakshmi’s binds. Kiran asks the assessor to avoid it and gets some information about her girl? The monitor says they will look for Malishka and gives Lakshmi time till tomorrow 10 am to demonstrate that she is honest. The overseer leaves from that point.

Ayush takes Lakshmi from that point. Kiran tells Neelam to converse with Ayush as he generally favors Lakshmi. Neelam says Karishma will chat with Ayush. Kiran says Lakshmi could hurt Malishka in this time that she is outside.

Balwinder gives food to Malishka and requests that she eat. Malishka requests that Balwinder go to her home and let Kiran know that she didn’t get grabbed and says she hijacked herself. Malishka says he additionally needs to bring cash for her. Balwinder hearing this consents to go and says he will bring liquor as he wants it.

Ayush asks Lakshmi for what reason didn’t she come clean? Lakshmi says she saw the regret he felt that is the reason she said nothing. Ayush acclaims Lakshmi.

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