Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update:

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Prosecutor says that it’s not matter that Sandesh is a conman or not on the grounds that this case is a match-fixing one. Judge says that we have evidences against Karan. He is going to give decision yet Preeta stops him saying that Karan is honest. She adds that Prithvi is the genuine offender. She uncovers that Prithvi recruited Sandesh to approach Karan in match-fixing case. She lets Judge know that she has evidences against Prithvi. She understands that confirmations are absent. Kritika says that Preeta doing show.

Then again, Mahesh awakens and attempts to leave the room. Nurture stops him saying that he isn’t well. He tells her that his child needs him. She lets him know that his family is there for his child. She infuses him and requests that he take rest.

In the court, Prithvi believes that he is truly fortunate. Kritika goes to Prithvi. She lets Judge know that Preeta attempting to get back at Prithvi by denouncing him like this. She adds that Preeta is answerable for this. Srishti and Kritika contends with one another. Judge requests that they battle outside. He is going to give decision yet Natasha stops him saying that she need to let him know something. He tells her that substitute the observer box. She lets him know that Karan is guiltless and she has evidence to demonstrate it. Sherlyn ponders that what Natasha doing.

Natasha reviews that how she tracked down Preeta in oblivious state and took the evidences and left from that point. She goes to Sandesh and shows his admission video to him. She requests that he do everything she says to him to do if he have any desire to get away from then. He asks her that who is she. She lets him know that her genuine personality is Payal. She requests that he record an admission video once more. He gestures at her and admits that he outlined Karan in match-fixing case on somebody’s command.

Judge sees Sandesh’s admission video and asks Natasha that who recruited Sandesh to approach Karan in match-fixing case. Natasha focuses at Prince and says that he seems to be Karan from back. What’s more, Prince is behind this. Prithvi expresses gratitude toward Natasha. She lets him know that she has verifications against him so he ought to be thankful to her for saving him. She cautions him to not inconvenience her from here on out.

Judge calls Prince to the observer box. Examiner asks Prince that who employed him to approach Karan in match-fixing case. Malkani says that it’s demonstrated that Karan is honest. Judge requests to document an argument against Prince. He says that Karan is blameless and orders to deliver him. Luthras gets cheerful and embraces Karan. Preeta gets eased. Karan goes to Natasha disregarding Preeta. Srishti gets miserable seeing that. Karan says thanks to Natasha. She lets him know that she is glad that he is returning house today. Luthras takes Karan from that point. Kritika assists Prithvi with getting up. Prithvi insults Preeta and leaves from that point.

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