Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update:

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Bodhi inn Manager gives the CCTV film to Preeta and apologizes to her for not giving explanation in the court. She lets him know that he assisted her as of now and she with canning grasp him. They sees Prithvi. Preeta runs from that point and Prithvi pursues her. In the court, Sameer lets Judge know that when he dropped Karan that time cash sack was not in the vehicle. Karan lets Judge know that he don’t realize that how the cash sack came into his vehicle. Investigator derides Karan. He shows Karan and Sandesh’s image. Karan says that Sandesh is his fan. Investigator shows the photos which Prithvi clicked in Karan’s room.

Preeta stows away from Prithvi. She requests that God assist her with arriving at the court on time. Prithvi sees Preeta’s vehicle and requests that Preeta emerge. He adds that she is getting late for court. She runs from that point. He tosses stone at her and she tumbles down. He sees the evidences and tells her that she can’t take them to the court and she lost at this point. She lets him know that she will not lose and kicks him and runs from that point. She gets in her vehicle and leaves from that point. He follows her in his vehicle.

He requests that she stop the vehicle however she drives quick. She stops the vehicle seeing Prithvi not following her. She conceals the confirmations and gets stunned seeing Prithvi’s vehicle before her vehicle. Prithvi lets himself know that Preeta conflicted with him generally so she is his foe. Also, she has no privileges to live so she needs to pass on at this point. He hits Preeta’s vehicle.

In the mean time, Karan shouts Preeta’s name and attempts to leave from the court. Police gets him. Malkani lets Karan know that the last option can’t act like this in the court. Judge cautions Karan. Karan says that he was not getting away. Examiner requests that Karan make sense of the image. Karan lets him know that he isn’t in that image. Examiner lets Judge know that Karan associated with the match-fixing to effortlessly bring in cash. Karan lets Judge know that he adores his cricket and his family and he never really frustrate them. Judge requests that he submit verification to effectively defend himself as opposed to giving a profound discourse. Sherlyn smriks hearing him.

Then again, harmed Prithvi awakens. He escapes his vehicle with pole and hauls Preeta out of her vehicle. She tumbles down on the floor and awakens. He tells her that he abhors her such a great amount for driving him to do this. He tells her that he actually adores her smidgen that is the reason he didn’t had any desire to kill her however presently he want to close her section. She beat him up and places him in her vehicle dicky. She leaves from that point. In the court, Karan says that he could not have possibly clicked picture on the off chance that he took cash for match-fixing. Malkani lets Judge know that Sandesh is only a pawn and another person is behind this.

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