Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Shahana attempting to agree with Ranbir’s stance however Prachi isn’t prepared to tune in. Prachi says Ranbir and Rhea are together. Prachi says he needs to pick somebody between us. Shahana inquires as to whether he picked you. Prachi says it’s past the point of no return. Prachi says assuming a string is broken it very well may be tied again with a bunch however in the event that it is a thistle it will hurt 100% of the time. Shahana asks so you and Ranbir can never be together. Prachi says she never Saif that and says it will require some investment. Prachi requests that Shahana stay and says assuming she remains there is trust. The investigator for hire gives his update to Ranbir by calling him.

Ranbir requests that he keep him in the know. Rhea expresses sorry for Ranbir as in light of her Prachi is battling with him. Ranbir says this happens constantly. Rhea says however it is going on every now and again. Ranbir says battles possibly happen just when they love one another. Rhea says individuals battle just when there is no expectation. Ranbir inquires as to whether it resembles her relationship with Sid. Rhea says she has no relationship with Sid. Rhea inquires as to for what reason is he going against himself. You need to make your statement that you and Prachi are battling with one another on the grounds that you both need to save your relationship.

Pallavi tells Alia in the kitchen happened yesterday the same old thing. One fish can make the whole lake ruined in the event that it is tossed out the lake will be great. Similarly, assuming that there is a relative who inconveniences the entire family they ought to be tossed out. Vikram comes to the room and requests Chai. Vikram recommends Pallavi to quit thinking. Allow the children to tackle their own concerns. Quit controlling them. Pallavi sees Shahana and inquires as to whether she is stowing away and hearing what they are talking. Shahana doesn’t answer and takes the tea to serve Deda and Prachi. Ranbir is going to go out. Deda calls him and requests that he go along with them.

Prachi gets up. Ranbir says there is compelling reason need to go for anyone as he will leave. Dida says to initially listen what she needs to say. She realizes what happened yesterday. You battled with Prachi infront of Pallavi and Vikram. She says individuals who hurt truly are individuals we care about. I have a ton of expectation for both of you. Daljeet requests that Ranbir and Prachi have some tea with her. She lets them know that she is getting frightened to lose her family to these issues and she requests that they comprehend. Rhea grins. Prachi and Ranbir say it’s exercise in futility. Dida please them. Prachi tells she can’t. Ranbir stops her holding her hand. Rhea blows up. Ranbir and Prachi have tea with Dida. Rhea leaves from that point.

Rhea comes to the room. She lets Pallavi and Aliya know that nobody really focuses on her. Pallavi says she really focuses on her. Rhea requests that Pallavi get Prachi captured any other way I will compose a self destruction note that I’m endeavoring to self destruction because of Prachi, the Police need to capture her and will capture Ranbir as well. Aliya requests that she control it.

Rhea says she lose everything throughout everyday life and presently she will lose her life as well. She demands Pallavi get Prachi captured. Aliya concurs with Rhea. Pallavi says she can’t caution Police and it won’t work along these lines. Rhea asks what you need, that I will compose your name in the letter too. Aliya says she isn’t in her detects. Rhea says Prachi and Ranbir get rejoined on the off chance that we won’t stop them then you will turn into her mother by marriage. Pallavi says she won’t allow it to work out. She calls the police and ensures Rhea that the police with capture Prachi without a doubt.

Shahana feels cheerful reviewing everything. She meets Dida and tells her that she wanted to watch a heartfelt second seeing Prachi and Ranbir second. She tells her that her words are making them close. Dida says their self image isn’t allowing them to get joined together. Aliya requests that Shahana call Prachi as Police are hanging around for her. Vikram asks the Cops for what good reason they came. Review says they came for Prachi. Vikram asks how might they capture Prachi as they gave her chance to effectively defend herself. Assessor says Prachi can effectively defend herself from lockup by recruiting a Lawyer or analyst or almost one assistance n we can’t manage the cost of any put to Rhea’s life in danger. Everybody gets stunned.

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