Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Rhea telling oblivious Ranbir that he will be in the vehicle until she comes, and will be oblivious as well. She goes to get the keys. Ranbir acquires cognizance and gets down from the vehicle. He strolls towards the house.

Shahana, Sid, Mihika and Prachi are oblivious. Prachi wakes up and sees fire around them, and blacks out once more. Ranbir comes there and requests that Prachi get up. He awakens Sid. Sid awakens Mihika. Ranbir awakens Shahaha. He asks Shahana, Sid and Mihika to go out, and says he will bring Prachi outside.

Yaara ve plays… .He lifts oblivious Prachi in his arms and attempts to go, the consuming wooden logs fall infront of them. Ranbir looks, on the best way to leave. Rhea returns to the vehicle and lets Aaliya know that don’t have the foggiest idea where Ranbir went? Aaliya says where did he go? The hooligan inquires as to whether you truly don’t have the foggiest idea where he went, and tells that he could have gain cognizance and went inside to save Prachi.

Rhea is stunned and is going to head inside. Aaliya stops her. Rhea says I’m going to Ranbir. Aaliya inquires as to whether you came to party that you will meet him. She says Prachi will let him know everything and he will take you in remand prior to taking the hooligans. She says he won’t allow you to remain with him. Rhea says in the event that anything happens to him.

Aaliya says nothing will happen to him. She requests that hooligans limit his options and legs and bring him out, if necessary make him oblivious once more. The thug says he will charge extra. Aaliya says alright. The thugs are heading inside. Rhea says she needs to see him emerging. Aaliya inquires as to whether she needs to see him now or until the end of time. She requests that she accompany her. Other thug comes to the hooligans and requests the vehicle keys as his vehicle isn’t working. The hooligan gives him vehicle keys, and lets other thug know that they will go by another vehicle.

Pallavi tells Vikram that Prachi and Sid haven’t returned. She tells that their telephone isn’t interfacing. She says I had gone to ask Ranbir, however he isn’t in room. She says I’m contemplating Rhea. She says even Rhea and Aaliya are not at home. Vikram says so Rhea, Ranbir and Aaliya have gone out without illuminating, however Prachi and Sid have informed. Pallavi says that they had said that they will come soon. She says she is exceptionally stressed, and inquires as to whether he is agreeing with their position. She says I don’t have any idea where is everyone, and goes stressed. Vikram figures she can’t hear anything against Rhea and Ranbir and can’t prevent herself from talking against Prachi.

Ranbir remembers to go through the window as the way is impeded with fire. He requests that Prachi accomplish something different they will be scorched. He figures out how to open the window and requests that Prachi come. Prachi acquires awareness and requests that he go alone. Ranbir says how might I let you be. He figures she can’t stand. Shahaha, Sid and Mihika go through from the window. The hooligans see the weighty fire and supposes assuming they head inside, they will be singed. The other thug tells that they are khatron ke khiladi and brings in cash battling with peril.

Ranbir takes Prachi to cause her to sit some place and afterward search the spot to escape from that point. He causes her to sit and tells her that he will return for her. Prachi requests that he go from the window and don’t return. Ranbir says on the off chance that you say this, I will make you tumble down the window and I will consume here. Prachi says I’m fine, and can bounce down the window. He asks would you say you are certain? She says OK. She asks where is Shahana and others.

Ranbir says everybody headed outside. The thugs see Ranbir and Prachi alive, and let each know other that their adoration breezed through fire assessment as well. Prachi and Ranbir see the thugs. Prachi requests that they let them go. The hooligan lets Prachi know that you need to kick the bucket in any case. Ranbir inquires as to why she needs to pass on, I will give you cash. The thug says we have done responsibility. He takes shots at Prachi.

Ranbir reviews Prachi telling that the child is his and comes infront and takes the slug on his shoulder. The hooligan says we need to save him. Other hooligan requests that he kill Prachi additionally, so no one is alive to give articulation. Prachi says you didn’t do a good job for terminating him. She takes the bar and starts beating the thugs. Sid, Shahana and Mihika return hear the firearm fired and beat the thugs with Prachi. The hooligans runaway.

Prachi requests that Ranbir open his eyes and requests that Shahana bring water. She lets Ranbir know that she won’t allow anything to happen to him. Shahana brings water. Prachi sprinkles water all over and inquires as to for what reason did you become legend? She says I requested that you go, yet you don’t pay attention to me. She expresses stay with me, don’t black out. Ranbir says I’m paying attention to you and requests that she hear.

He says I’m feeling food in your lap and is quiet that you are fine and I’m glad that in the event that anything happens to me, in your lap. Prachi says nothing will happen to you. Ranbir says there is haziness coming infront of my eyes and requests that she accompany him and talk great. She says I’m your chikchiki, and won’t ever leave you. Ranbir says why I can’t see you, I can see murkiness. Prachi requests that Sid take out the vehicle. Sid says all vehicles are absent. Prachi is stunned. Shahana says she saw one vehicle outside. Prachi says nothing will happen to you. Ranbir swoons. Prachi yells Ranbir.

Shahana, Mihika and Sid race to the vehicle. Sid begins it. They return to Prachi. Prachi requests that they wake him up. Sid says we want to take him to medical clinic.

Aaliya and Rhea return home. Aaliya says I have spare keys generally, no one comes to know when you go or return home. She asks Rhea for what good reason she isn’t uttering a word. Rhea says she is feeling awful and getting terrible contemplations. She says we will proceed to bring Ranbir back. Aaliya requests that she keep control on her feelings. She says my hooligans are exceptionally smart and have taken such a huge amount from you and me. She says they are exceptionally shrewd. Rhea requests that she call them and get some information about Ranbir. Aaliya requests that she hydrate from kitchen. Rhea goes. Aaliya believes Rhea’s adoration is love with fixation, lethal fixation and it is weighty for both.

Sid is driving the vehicle, while Ranbir is on Prachi’s lap oblivious. Shahana and Mihika are likewise in the vehicle. Prachi requests that Ranbir get up. Sid says nothing will happen to him.

Precap: Prachi, available to work, says that Ranbir had chance. Ranbir’s mother gets in shock and says, assuming this time something happens to my child, I’ll make Prachi’s life damnation.

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