Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sunita let Asha know that similarly as she appealed to God for Indu and Zoon, the diya is going to set off. She says some way or another she made due. Asha lets Sunita know that she had conversed with Indu and she was so blissful. They could have rested at this point. She says on the off chance that Sway ji sees you like this, he will be stressed, we can vent out our agony, yet men can’t. Vivek comes there and expresses sorry for arriving behind schedule.

Asha says Moj was stressed over Indu and Zoon. Vivek asks her not to stress and tells that they will win this time. They will get the high trial. He tells that they will win the case, tells that they will deal with the moment subtleties, and he actually read the record multiple times.

Sunita says you are accomplishing such a great deal for us, however you are our neighbor. Vivek says I see you as my mom, and you are stil;l viewing me as a neighbor. Sunita tells that you are a precious stone, and favors him. She requests that he have food.

Indu asks Ritesh what specialist said. Ritesh says Specialist said that she is in profound rest and will get up toward the beginning of the day. Cart asks what specialist expressed that there was the issue with food. Anjali says might be she had much kheer. Cart says he was getting some information about medication.

Ritesh says specialist inquired as to whether we have given the right medication. Indu says I gave her medication from her crate. Kaamna says might be she had great rest as he played and appreciated. She requests that Indu rest and tells that zoon will be fine. Cart appeals to God for Zoon’s security. Indu requests that they proceed to rest. Anjali inquires as to whether I will remain with her. Indu says no. Anjali and Cart depart.

Ritesh lets Indu know that nothing will happen to Zoon, and requests that she deal with herself. Indu says she was unable to take care of her food with her hand, and didn’t recount her story. He requests that Indu rest. Indu says I won’t get rest. She requests that he rest. indu says I won’t get rest. Before long Indu gets languid, Ritesh gives her pad. The title tune plays… .Sameer asks Kaamna for what reason did you give her full tablet. He says I requested that you give half tablet.

Kaamna says you ought to have thought prior to making the arrangement. Sameer tells her that on the off chance that he gets caught, she will be caught as well. Kaamna says it was your and Kadambari’s arrangement. Sameer says you needed to get payback from Indu and Ritesh, and Kadambari is giving you cash for this.

Kaamna tells that Indu and Ritesh will feel remorseful seeing Zoon and she will exploit it. She requests that Sameer trust her and goes. Sameer believes that he have zero faith in his dad too.

Kaamna thinks she needs to persuade the relatives that Zoon’s condition weakened because of Indu and Ritesh. She tells that Zoon is confounded since birth, she was brought into the world to somebody, raised by somebody and another person got the care.

She lets Cart know that Ritesh and Indu played with Zoon so much, that she swooned. Ritesh hears and says you said right. He feels remorseful and goes. Kaamna figures now he will proceed to tell Indu.

Sameer converses with Kadambari and tells her that he had sent Zoon to Indu and Ritesh, however she got unwell and they need to call specialist around evening time, they were alert the entire evening and Zoon was dozing. Profound hears him. Sameer says you could have realized what has occurred, and tells that I sent my better half’s girl to them, yet they couldn’t deal with my girl and she got unwell.

Profound says you was discussing her, with her mom laughingly. Sameer says you are not my dad, don’t think. Profound requests that he repair his methodologies. Sameer says he will be proprietor of 5000 crores and will purchase everybody. Vivaan comes there and asks Profound, what was the deal? Profound requests that he handle Sameer, else he will be destroyed as a result of his disposition.

Zoon lets Anjali know that she had appreciated in her fantasy and lets Indu know that she is feeling tired even at this point. She says she missed school as well. Indu says no issue, when you are unwell, you can miss the school, I will give the leave note in school.

Vivaan comes there and welcomes Zoon. Indu says he is my #1. Anjali says he recounts her story. Vivaan says he will recount her story this evening. Zoon says zoonie’s story. He goes. Anjali inquires as to whether Vivaan is like Ritesh. Indu says OK. Zoon says she is eager. Anjali goes to bring food, while Indu gets up to take Zoon’s tablet. She tracks down tablet on the floor and picks it. Kaamna comes there and tells that she was unable to rest the entire evening pondering Zoon.

She tells that Sameer requested that they send Zoon back. Indu says I will take her to my room, will gather her pack and will send her. Indu gathers Zoon’s pack and reviews how she tumbled down subsequent to having the tablet, and Ritesh’s words assuming that we gave some unacceptable medication. Zoon advises Indu that she would rather not go. Indu tells that they need to follow court requests and says you are a decent young lady.

Zoon inquires as to whether I’m miscreant then will you let me stay here. Indu says you are great young lady, and ate yourself, gathered your sacks and furthermore pack the medication. Zoon says I didn’t do. Kaamna aunt pressed my medications. Indu acknowledges Kaamna had changed Zoon’s medication with Indu’s medication. She says now you will understand what a mother can do.

Precap: Kaamna asks what you need to say. Indu inquires as to why you are doing this. She then, at that point, goes up against her for putting Zoon’s life in danger. Kaamna says you are showing me demeanor in my home. Indu says this is my significant other’s home and not yours. Kaamna lifts her hand to slap her, yet Indu stops it.

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