Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ritesh asking Vivek, how has everything turned out and meet the specialist for him. He says I’m certain it won’t be not difficult to contact him and asks how you tracked down him. Vivek tells that I found him utilizing your web-based entertainment, he is still essential for the school bunch, I informed him and he is great to acknowledge my solicitation and met me.

He tells that he lauded a great deal about Ritesh, and told that he is pleased with you. Ritesh expresses gratitude toward him and says this is precious. Indu says clearly, thank you is little word for you. Vivek says we as a whole will be together, and this is everybody’s work. He says Sameer will be rebuffed, whatever is against you will be fine.

Cart comes to Profound and tells that she has recorded Sameer’s admission and requests that he see the video. Profound tells that she won’t show the video to Ritesh, and tells that there is a battle among Ritesh and Sameer as of now. He tells that he love them both and don’t believe his family should break. Cart disagrees and tells that she will show video to Ritesh.

Profound gives her commitment and asks her not to tell anything to Ritesh. He tells that he will make Sameer comprehend. Sameer awakens and supposes in the event that I told something to Profound Chacha. Profound comes to Sameer and tells that he needs to converse with him. He lets him know that even Mahabharat occurred between the two siblings. That’s what he tells in spite of the fact that you could do without Indu, yet what is Zoon’s slip-up.

Sameer says I have recruited such countless Workers for Zoon. Profound tells that Indu is Zoon’s mom since 6 years, and requests that he let Zoon accompany Indu and Ritesh for a day. He demands him. Sameer asks him not to demand him and consents to leave Zoon alone with them for a day.

Kaamna hears and inquires as to whether he has gone distraught. Sameer tells that he has an arrangement and requests that she disintegrate Zoon’s condition when she is with Indu and Ritesh.

Ritesh requests that Indu have medications. Indu says I can’t stand drugs. He jokes that he have the tablets everyday. He demands and requests that she have it. Indu takes the medication and inquires as to why you didn’t cause me to have white tablet.

Ritesh says you will eat if feel unwell. Indu says alright. Kaamna comes there and hears them. She lies that she has taken consent from Sameer, to leave Zoon alone with them for a constantly. Indu gets cheerful right away and afterward gets dubious. Kaamna says in the event that you don’t need then, at that point, its alright. Ritesh says we will invest energy with Zoon. Indu goes to make the courses of action.

Kaamna takes Indu’s medication from the container and goes to Zoon’s room. She illuminates Zoon that she will invest energy with Indu and Ritesh for a day. She asks Zoon where is her medication. Zoon says it is in the cabinet, only 2 is remaining. Kaamna replaces Zoon’s tablets with Indu’s tablets. She says you have no clue about the thing will happen this evening and grins.

Ritesh lets Indu know that similarly as Zoon comes, I will cause her to have pizza, and afterward we will watch film. Indu says she will invest energy with me as I’m unwell. Ritesh asks with whom she needs to invest her energy. Zoon comes there and welcomes them. Ritesh advises Zoon that he has intended to go out with her. Zoon says no, we will be at home. I need to invest energy with Moj and you.

Ritesh says we can go to ocean side. Zoon says no, we will be at home. Sunita calls Indu and asks how is she? She hears Zoon giggling and gets shocked. Indu says an enchantment occurred. Zoon says howdy Nani, Bounce ji. she requests that they come and meet them. Rajendra says we will come. He questions Sameer’s expectations.

Ritesh causes Zoon to have food. Cart figures she can’t come clean to Ritesh, because of Profound’s commitment. Zoon demands to have frozen yogurt. Indu concurs. Cart brings their prescriptions. Zoon and Indu have their medication. Zoon demands to go to washroom. She blacks out and tumbles down. Indu and Ritesh gets stressed. Indu requests that he call Zoon.

Ritesh calls Dr. Kanchan and requests that she come there. He takes Zoon to the room. Kaamna comes there and figures Zoon will be dozing profound and they will imagine that something has happened to her. She thinks currently plan 2. She acts and asks what has been going on with her.

She inquires as to whether she has done masti, so rested tired. Cart says she never rests like this. Kaamna says might be she had much kheer, as children rest because of desserts. Indu says Zoon never dozes like this. Indu tells oblivious Zoon that she is with her.

Precap: Ritesh tells Indu that Specialist inquired as to whether they gave the right medication. Indu says she gave from her jug, which she got her sack. Sameer asks Kaamna for what reason she didn’t accomplish the work appropriately. Kaamna says nothing will happen to Zoon with excess of tablet, I will perceive how to utilize Indu and Ritesh’s culpability.

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