Anupama 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Anupama takes Dimple towards dance foundation and passes by Shah house. She sees Leela and takes her favors. Dimple welcomes Leela, and Leela asks how is she. Dimple says she is fine. Anupama says she is taking Dimple to move institute as Dimple will help her now. Leela inquires as to whether Dimple will remain with her.

Dimple says for a couple of days as Anupama and Anuj are helping her and her own folks repudiated her. Pakhi enters and expresses same with her, her folks repudiated her. Dimple inquires as to whether she is Anupama’s little girl. Pakhi says ex-little girl and starts her theatrics.

Neighbors accumulate and tell Anupama its great that she is helping Dimple, however she ought to likewise deal with her girl and not forsake. Leel an asks who told them. Neighbors say they see Leela and Anupama abdoning Pakhi.

Anupama and Leela caution neighbors not to meddle in their issues and to investigate their own matter. Anupama says she really focuses on her girl like some other mother. Pakhi says for that reason Anupama removed her from the house. Anupama says Pakhi’s activities got her out of the house and requests that she focus on her investigations and profession.

Pakhi says she won’t work or study when Adhik is there to work for her. Anupama reprimands her to change her mentality. Pakhi keeps on acting up. Dimple requests that she quit acting up with her mom. Pakhi cautions her to remain away. Anupama says Pakhi needs to be a weight on other while Dimple needs to be self-ward and work even in this condition. Pakhi leaves indignantly.

Leela cautions her to quit supporting Dimple as her own girls would feel uncertain and she may not satisfy different obligations attempting to assume Dimple’s liability. Anupama says Dimple is assuming her own liability and battling for her freedoms, she ought to make sense of Pakhi all things being equal.

Leela says when god can’t make sense of Pakhi, how might she. She quietly asks Anupama not to carry Dimple to her home. Anupama says she will meet Hasmukh and Kinjal later as she is getting late for dance institute and leaves. Dimple apologizes her for the circumstance. Anupama asks her not to as its not her error. She then thumps Pakhi’s home entryway. Pakhi insults that Samar and Toshu’s mom has come and calling her aunt requests that she head off to some place else as she is ill suited to be a mother.

Anupama says spoiling a child isn’t just mother’s obligation, yet additionally remedying a child when she fouls up is mother obligation. She requests to tell in any event on the off chance that she is fine after the previous episode and keeps thumping entryway, leaves Pakhi’s #1 carrot cake on entryway, asks her not to make the way for any more abnormal as she accomplished for her mom, and leaves there sad.

Anuj meets controller who illuminates that the guilty party young men are from a profoundly persuasive family and are utilizing political powers to escape prison. He further illuminates that he is under gigantic strain and may get an exchange and another official might uphold the guilty parties. Anupama takes Dimple to her dance foundation. Samar goes along with them. They each of the 3 communicate and snicker.

Anupama and Dimple leave dance institute talking when Dimple feels torment and misses Nirmit. Anupama solaces her and cheers her up. Thug young men in the wake of getting bail strolls to them. Dimple gets apprehensive. Anupama says Hasmukh’s home is close by and there is a group around, so thugs can’t hurt them. Thug frigthens Dimple.

Anuj gets controller’s call that the hooligan kid got expectant bail and scrambles for Anupama and Dimple’s home in the wake of illuminating Ankush and Barkha about it.

At home, Leela shouts at Anupama that she pointlessly took inconvenience on herself by taking on Dimple. Anuj calls Samar, gets some information about Dimple and Anupama, and requests that he proceed to keep an eye on them soon. Samar illuminates same to family. Vanraj requests that he call Anupama. Thug kid moves around Dimple and startles her.

Precap: Dimple gets a fit of anxiety after thug’s alarming message. Anupama takes her to Shah house. Pakhi sincerely extorts Leela that the two houses’ entryways are open for Dimple, however not really for their own little girl. She inquires as to whether hooligans assault her.

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