Anupama 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 1st December 2022 Written Update on

Anupama and Anuj take Dimple to a police headquarters for distinguishing proof of guilty parties. Overseer inquires as to whether she is prepared. Baar Haan Bolo Yaar Haan… tune plays behind the scenes. Dimple says she is prepared. Overseer orders constables to acquire them. At Shah house, Leela gets stressed for her grandkids.

Hasmukh insults her addressing Parti that one who addresses themselves are called insane . Leela inquires as to whether he is provoking her. He tells her that Vanraj and Anupama had over and again informed to keep an eye on Pakhi. Leela says even she needs to however fear Pakhi’s theatrics. Toshu gets back to take Kinjal’s record. Leela shouts her to quit being spouse’s slave.

Hasmukh says she didn’t chasten him when he really was off-base and is reprimanding him now all things considered. Toshu says he is simply stressed over his family and needs to recapture Kinjal’s trust, so she shouldn’t if it’s not too much trouble, examine about this issue once more. Leela gestures alright. Hasmukh receives Anuj’s message that they arrived at police headquarters and says their genuine battle will begin today.

Constables bring every one of the 5 guilty parties. Dimple reviews the horrendous episode. Reviewer requests that she take a gander at the cautiously and distinguish on the off chance that these are the equivalent young men. Anuj and Anupama urge Dimple not to be apprehensive. Dimple stops at the principal guilty party who smiles at her. Pakhi orders an espresso worth 750 rs. Adhik lashes out seeing the bill. Pakhi contends that he used to drink more costlier espresso previously.

Adhik says his sister and BIL used to cover his Visa bills then, presently he needs to pay himself and can’t bear the cost of it. Pakhi yells to quit addressing him like Anupama and thorws espresso away. Adhik requests that he quit showing mentality rather return to her investigations and attempt to find a new line of work. Pakhi says he ought to procure all things being equal, she will remain as a straightforward housewife and appreciate life. Adhik cleans the wreck unfortunately.

Fundamental guilty party compromises Dimple. Dimple yells he is the one and slaps him. Offender attempts to hit her back. Dimple kicks him in his crotch, and he tumbles down squirming miserably. Monitor acclaims Dimple for being bold. Anuj cautions offenders that he will ensure that they get thorough discipline and it’s not possible for anyone to save them. Another offender says Dimple took regulation in her grasp.

Anupama says on the off chance that they needed to take regulation in their grasp, they could not have possibly been on their feet here. Dimple yells at thug to dare contact her once more. Examiner says Dimple acted in safeguard and he will compose a grievance against the guilty party. Dimple leaves police headquarters with Anuj and Anupama feeling loose and encouraged. Anupama and Anuj acclaim her bold demonstration.

Samar gets Anupama’s call and illuminates Hasmukh and Leela that Dimple distinguished the guilty parties and, surprisingly, slapped him. Leela says she would have even thrown him out. Samar says Dimple even kicked the guilty party. Hasmukh commended Dimple’s fortitude. Samar says Dimple is exceptionally gutsy.

Leela gives credit to Anupama and says she was off-base with respect to this issue prior. Samar says there is an unrecognized yet truly great individual behind each legend and expectations Dimple gets equity. Leela says Dimple shouldn’t remain at Anuj’s home until the case closes and ought to move some place. Hasmukh asks her not to stress as Dimple herself don’t want to be a weight on anybody.

Back to Kapadia house, Dimple appreciates food uninhibitedly. Anupama and Anuj feel blissful seeing that. Barkha and Ankush acclaim police’s assistance for Dimple’s situation. Dimple says she will leave now.

Anuj recommends her to go once she finds a new line of work and feels she is free at this point. Anupama says she trains her girls to be independent. Barkha says when she has such strong individuals, she should’t hold back to acknowledge help. Dimple says she carried out a few beneficial things in her previous existence that she got Anuj and Anupama. Anuj and Anupama joke.

Dimple says she needs to work. Anupama gives her a chief’s work in he dance foundation and says she can join at this moment. Ankush says even he will have food and leave for office. Anuj blows up hearing that. Dimple gets back to her room, takes selfie joyfully, and composes fresh start on it. She figures she shouldn’t inconvenience Anuj and Anupama much and ought to begin life once more. Anuj and Anupama’s sentiment begins.

Precap: Anuj illuminates Barkha that the guilty party kid got expectant bail. Thug compromises Dimple and Anupama.

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