Anupama 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Vanraj shares with Anupama that barely recognizable difference between is being perfect and being moronic. He gets out whatever she is doing is totally inept. Vanraj says police is equipped for getting the guilty party however they aren’t on the grounds that they are getting impacted. According to anupama, she trust Indian regulation. She illuminates Anukush has organized the security at Shah house.

Vanraj requests that Anupama step back else she will bite the dust and will drag them as well. He adds he can’t see Pakhi in this state. Anupama says Dimple is likewise somebody’s girl. She further gets a call from reviewer.

Anupama apologize to Shahs for the difficulty and take off from the house. Barkha and Ankush leave along Anupama. Vanraj shares with Shahs that Anupama is insane yet they will think carefully. He trains Shahs not to venture out until he says.

Kavya asks Vanraj for what good reason he is so terrified. Vanraj says since he is a dad. He requests that Shahs support him. Dimple attempts to get away and think Anuj, Anupama are great individuals and she can’t inconvenience them. Anupama get Dimple. She stand up to inconvenience them.

Dimple separates and says she realized what all occurred with Pakhi. She says her own folks are not searching for her. Dimple adds she can’t inconvenience them. Anupama asks Dimple not to get terrified as her guilty parties are gotten. She tells controller called them to perceive the young men. Dimple gets resolved to leave. Anupama attempts to persuade Dimple to remain.

Vanraj requests that Pakhi and Samar come stay with them until he fixes everything. Adhik rejects Vanraj’s solicitation. Vanraj figure he won’t allow Anupama’s significance to screw up with his loved ones. Anuj, Anupama urges Dimple to retaliate.

Dimple says she will not have the option to confront the young men once more. She loses trust. Anu asks Dimple then who will rebuff the terrible young men. She add assuming she is terrified than she will go along. Kapadias empowers Dimple.

Pakhi charge Anupama for getting inconvenience her life. Adhik side Anupama. Pakhi and Adhik contend. Pakhi choose to change her confidence. Anupama alongside Dimple goes to God. Vanraj stop Kavya, Kinjal from going out from the house. Kinjal and Kavya attempt to persuade Vanraj to allow them to go out.

Vanraj gets inflexible. Kavya, Kinjal will not remain back. Paritosh and Samar choose to go with Kinjal and Kavya. Vanraj says Kavya, Kinjal is impacted by Anupama. Leela side Vanraj. She illuminates Paritosh working under Kavya. Vanraj sit shocked.

Anupama makes Dimple feel better and requests that she win and return. Anuj, Anupama go with Dimple to the police headquarters.

Precap: Dimple sees her offenders and loses her quiet. She slaps one kid out there

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