Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Alia requesting that Rhea unwind as no one can come inside or head outside. Rhea says it’s our game and our standards, lastly, we will win yet this spot is alarming. Alia requests that she not get terrified. She says don’t have the foggiest idea where her hooligans are. That opportunity hooligan comes there. Rhea gets frightened.

Alia chastens him for startling them. Rhea sees him and attempts to slap him for capturing her. Thug stops her and tells her that he will charge one lakh for one slap. He requests that she become a companion of him. Alia requests that Rhea acknowledge as they need to fill in collectively. Rhea slaps him and lets him know that she is feeling better at this point. She guarantees him to pay one lakh and holds hands with him. She gets some information about sounds. He tells Prachi is battling to get away.

Alia requests that he consume them alive. Thug requests that they leave and lets them know that he will accomplish the work. Alia says they won’t leave and they will see their passing. Rhea lights a matchstick and says utilizing this fire Prachi grabbed Ranbir from me by wedding him and presently her demise due to the fire will cause me to get Ranbir.

Prachi and Ranbir stow away. Prachi questions how he realizes that she is here. He doesn’t respond to her. Sid comes there. Ranbir nearly causes Sid to get found out and escapes with Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi escape from thug and go into the room. Ranbir locks it. He asks Prachi for what valid reason she is here. She says she is here with Sid for some work.

Ranbir inquires as to whether they came to hang out? Prachi gets some information about. Ranbir says I gained from lodging Shelton that you didn’t go there so respond to me. He reviews Rhea’s words and inquires as to whether she is catching him for his cash. Prachi gets injured. Ranbir requests Prachi to respond to him.

Prachi says you’re thinking accurately. Thugs get Sid yet Shahana salvages Sid. Shahana sets Sid’s feet. Alia and Rhea conceal in the wake of seeing them. Sid says his feet us fine and they go to track down Mihika. Alia advises her hooligans to consume the spot by pouring lamp oil.

Ranbir asks her once more. Prachi says don’t rehash it and anything that you’re believing is right. Ranbir asks how she understands what’s he thinking. Prachi says you question me and you can think whether you need. Ranbir inquires as to why they came here. Prachi asks how might he think they came to invest quality energy seeing the area.

Ranbir says you might enter here when hooligans follow you. Prachi says she can’t effectively defend herself to him like clockwork. She attempts to open the entryway. He asks where is she going. Prachi lets him know she will save Sid. She leaves. Ranbir flies off the handle.

Rhea, Alia, and the hooligans conceal seeing Ranbir. Rhea says Ranbir might come here seeing Sid’s vehicle. Ranbir hears Rhea’s voice. He overlooks it. He shares with himself he is loathing Prachi’s mentality. He leaves. Thug lets Rhea know that he will carry lamp fuel to consume the house. Rhea cautions them to not consume the house when Ranbir is here.

She cautions them to recall it. Alia takes Rhea with her. Ranbir returns and thinks he is certain that it’s Rhea’s assertion. Shahana meets Prachi and takes her to the room where Mihika is held hostage. Shahana turns on the light. They get stunned seeing tied up Sid. Prachi loosens him. Sid says he neglected to save Mihika. Prachi says they need to save Mihika and heads out to view as her.

Alia requests that Rhea sit in the vehicle. Rhea sits in the vehicle. Alia makes her men push the vehicle to somewhere else. Ranbir ones out and thinks why he heard Rhea’s voice. Alia conceals seeing him. She contemplates what’s he thinking without leaving from here.

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