Anupama 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Anuj stress for Anupama and choose to bring her back. Anupama returns back home crushed and embraces Anuj. Anupama separates. Barkha offers water to Anupama. Anuj asks Anupama who did this. Ankush says they were sitting tight for her from long.

Barkha says driver let them know that she left in auto. Anupama tells the entire occurrence. Anuj commitments to show a thing or two to Dimple’s guilty party. Ankush too side Anupama, Anuj. Anupama shares with Anuj that they need alarm them. Dimple lament visiting Anupama’s place. She chooses to move out.

Anuj says the guilty party needs to break their solidarity so they can win without any problem. He requests that Dimple keep confidence. Anupama says to Dimple that they have begun the fight and presently possibly they will win or lose. She admits that she got terrified post she was gone after. However, presently she is irate for not ready to battle with them. Anupama tells to Anuj that even Shahs got the dangers.

Anuj choose to bring back Anu. Anupama says on the off chance that Anu will be before their eyes they will be quieted. Ankush choose to organize security at Shah house. Barkha choose to accompany Anupama, Dimple. Anupama, Barkha requests that dimple take some rest. Anuj choose to visit Anu. Anupama requests that Anuj watch out. Anuj asks Anupama but rather to stress he is solid to confront the hooligans.

Vanraj find out about danger. He causes furious on Anupama for landing family problems while battling for Dimple. Leela side Vanraj. Vanraj choose to chat with Anupama. He gets stunned tracking down somebody at the doorstep.

Anupama sees Dimple in torment and go up against. Dimple share with Anupama that she needs to bear the aggravation. She adds dance quiet her down yet she can’t do that. Anupama inquires as to whether she is artist. Dimple tells to Anupama that she learned traditional dance. Anupama helps Dimple in moving while at the same time sitting. Adhik illuminates Shahs that Pakhi didn’t return back home. Vanraj, Paritosh, Samar stresses for Pakhi.

Anupama tells to Dimple that they will battle while keeping favor face. Vanraj alongside Adhik, Samar and Paritosh searches for Pakhi. Leela stresses and says she realized what is coming consequently requesting that Anupama step back. Kinjal and Kavya request that Leela quiet. Anu return back home.

She tells to Anuj, Anupama that she missed her a great deal. Anupama choose to chat with Anu. Ankush shares with Anupama that Anu is under age. Anupama tells Ankush that Anu is underage in this manner she should be alarmed. Anupama discusses great touch and terrible touch.

Anupama learn Pakhi is missing. Pakhi returns home running. She tells about taxi driver attempted to delude her. Anupama cries with Pakhi. Shahs discover that Anupama has been pestered as well. Vanraj requests that Anupama comprehend and step back.

Precap: Dimple attempts to get away. Anupama stops Dimple.

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