Anupama 28th November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 28th November 2022 Written Update on

Leela gets some information about her loved ones. Anupama says she grasps her apprehension. Kavya attempts to persuade Leela that guilty parties need something very similar. She says they believe that Anupama should ease off. Kinjal side Anupama and says in the event that Anupama won’t observer the case than guilty parties won’t ever be rebuffed.

Leela shares with Anupama that they realize she needs to become perfect yet they are human. She requests that Anupama ease off. Leela requests that Hasmuk persuade Anupama to ease off. She add she identify with Dimple however don’t maintain that Anupama should reach out. Hasmuk asks Leela the matter. Leela shows the undermining note and expresses as a result of Anupama’s significance they will land in a tough situation.

Anupama will not step-back. Kinjal says even Anupama got the compromising note. Samar gets some information about Dimple. Hasmuk asks Leela not to compress Anupama. Leela gets resolute and requests that Anupama step-back. Anupama won’t pay attention to Leela. She chooses to help Dimple at any expense.

Anupama expresses assuming instead of Dimple it was Pakhi than likewise she would have battled. She tells to Shahs that Nirmit left Dimple however she can’t do likewise. Leela says even Dimple’s better half left her. Anupama shows her trust in Ruler Krishna and requests that Leela keep confidence as God won’t allow anything to happen to them. She asks Leela to one or the other stand with her or stand to the side

Anupama requests that Shahs support her in Dimple’s fight. Samar and Hasmuk side Anupama. Anupama attempts to persuade Leela to help. Kinjal, Kavya side Anupama. Leela won’t comprehend and says Anupama will lament later certainly.

Anupama won’t contend more and says she won’t step-back until she shows a thing or two to the guilty parties. She gets determined to rebuff the offenders. Kavya, Kinjal, Hasmuk and Samar get hand together with Anupama in her fight. Leela stand paralyzed. She again makes Anupama aware of step back. Anupama gets resolute.

Pakhi meet her companion. She is pursued as well. Pakhi’s companion approaches Pakhi where she is going for wedding trip. Pakhi says Adhik has left well enough alone. Anuj energizes Dimple with his verse. He further discovers that one guilty party has been gotten. Dimple requests that Anuj illuminate Anupama.

Anupama’s vehicle stops at the center of street. She takes auto. Leela stress for everybody’s wellbeing. Anuj learn Anupama took auto. He was going to go behind her. Barkha stops Anuj. Anupama is gone after by the criminals. Anuj gets fretful pondering Anupama. Ankush console Anupama. Anupama battles with the hooligans. Hooligans compromise Anupama. They request that Anupama step back else she will be capable assuming anything terrible happen to her loved ones.

Precap: Anupama returns back home. Anuj embraces Anupama.

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