Anupama 26th November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 26th November 2022 Written Update on

Anupama inquires as to whether he is going anyplace. She requests that he make some noise. Anuj requests that Nirmit make some noise. He guarantee Nirmit is acting odd. Ankush inquires as to whether he books a taxi post last option says he is returning home as his family is searching for him.

Anupama asks Nirmit for what valid reason don’t he let his family know what is happening. Nirmit says he will. Anupama inquires as to whether he will return or not. Ankush inquires as to whether he is getting away. Nirmit says he will attempt to return.

Leela and Hasmuk play with Pari. Kinjal prepares to go to office. Leela inquires as to whether Kavya also is going to the workplace. Kavya says she will go soon. Hasmuk and Leela get some information about Pari. Leela says Paritosh will deal with Pari. Paritosh illuminates Hasmuk and Leela that Kinjal has extended to an employment opportunity to him.

Leela gets pissed learning Paritosh will work under Kinjal. Kavya shields Kinjal. Leela says no spouse will get a kick out of the chance to work under a wife. She add even Kavya got pissed when Kinjal was her chief. Hasmuk asks Paritosh don’t worry about it and accomplish difficult work. Paritosh leave with Kinjal.

Anupama attempts to persuade Nirmit to give his help to Dimple as she wants him the most. Nirmit gets determined. He adds Anupama, Anuj may be legend, champion yet he dare to confront the world. Nirmit will not help Dimple. Anupama converses with Nirmit and asks him not to leave Dimple in emergency. Nirmit says he can’t remain back.

Leela sees Pakhi and Jigna. Pakhi leave the spot. Jigna charge Leela for upsetting Pakhi. Leela guards herself. Pakhi figure she will continue to attempt until Shahs return her to the house. Jigna feels nauseated with Leela for not giving sugar to Pakhi. Leela says Pakhi is deliberately upsetting them. Kavya comes for Leela’s salvage. She comforts Leela.

Kavya requests that Leela take care of Pari. She further gets a dispatch from obscure. Anupama, Anuj attempts to stop Nirmit. Nirmit says he is embarrassed about Dimple. He eases off. Barkha blame Nirmit for leaving Dimple. Nirmit asks Kapadias not stop him. He encourages them to let him go. Dimple asks Anupama, Anuj to give up Nirmit.

Kavya gets a letter from obscure that peruses don’t uphold else you will lament. Dimple shares with Nirmit that she has anticipated that he should uphold her in fight in court however he frustrated her. She breaks her binds with Nirmit. Dimple requests that Nirmit go. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Leela requests that Anupama ease off before they all land in a tough situation as a result of Dimple. Anupama is pestered by the thugs.

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