Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Prachi, Shahana, and Sid taking cover behind the couch seeing Hooligan going into the room. Prachi lets Shahana and Sid know that they can save Mihika with assistance of tea. On another side, Ranbir figures he didn’t learn about Prachi and Sid anyplace. That time Conveyance kid crashes into Ranbir.

He sees Prachi’s photograph in Ranbir’s wallet and lets Ranbir know that he saw her. Ranbir asks her where he saw her. The conveyance kid lets him know the lodging name. Ranbir leaves giving him cash. The conveyance kid acknowledges he let him know some unacceptable inn name and attempts to stop Ranbir however Ranbir leaves without paying attention to him.

Shahana and Sid send a server who purchased tea streetcar for hooligans. Prachi masks herself as a server and goes into the thug’s room. She protects Mihika and takes her in a tea streetcar. Hooligans acknowledge Mihika is gotten away and they heads out to get them. Prachi requests that Sid go first floor and she goes to change her dress. Prachi, Mihika, and Sid enter the vehicle and request that Shahana start the vehicle.

Shahana dumps the keys out then they go out to get them. Alia hits their head from the back and makes them oblivious. Thugs come there. Alia requests that her thugs carry them to their place. Hooligans request that she give them cash first. Alia gives them cash and requests that they place Prachi and the others in the vehicle as we will consume them alive in a unintentional fire. Hooligans look stunned.

Rhea goes to Ranbir’s room. She believes it will be her room soon. She lets Ranbir know that he will be turned into hers. She kissed his photograph. She tells very soon I will kiss you straightforwardly she lives with you joyfully here. Rhea chooses to call Ranbir to realize what occurred.

Rhea calls Ranbir and inquires as to whether he saw them. Ranbir says I missed them and they are not in inn Shelton. Rhea says Prachi is making you a profound bonehead. Ranbir says he will converse with her later and cuts the call. Rhea thinks Alia is occupied if not I might illuminate her what’s going on.

Alia and her hooligans bring oblivious Prachi, Shahana and Sid, Mihika to the distribution center. Hooligan asks Alia what’s her arrangement. Alia lets them know that she will get lamp fuel to consume them. She cautions hooligans to be ready as they are simply oblivious not dead.

Prachi acquires awareness. Ranbir remembers to defy Prachi subsequent to arriving at the house. He sees Sid’s vehicle and notification it’s vacant. He chooses to go inside the house. Prachi behaves like she is as yet oblivious and pays attention to the Hooligan’s arrangement to put Mihika in another room. They place Prachi, Sid, and Shahana in one room. They limit their options and leaves lighting flame. Prachi loosens herself by consuming the rope then she awakens Shahana and Sid.

Shahana acquires awareness. Sid doesn’t get cognizance then Shahana hits him. Sid acquires cognizance and asks where are they. Thugs hear sound and they race to the room. Prachi lets Sid know that the thug’s goals are bad and we really want to safeguard Mihika and leave from here. They choose to veer off. Rhea tosses Prachi’s sarees out from the pantry. She thinks soon she will expel Prachi.

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