Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th November 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sameer telling Kadambari to not to stress nobody will get to be aware. He then, at that point, asks her when she is getting released and chooses to visit her in the clinic saying Kaamna is here to deal with Zoon.

Vivaan goes into the room. He asks Sameer is he was in the lounge around evening time when Indu got injured. Sameer tells him not to question him and carry on like a more youthful sibling what his identity is. He then, at that point, chooses to proceed to prepare to meet Kadambari.

Vivaan chooses to leave yet stops when he hears Sameer’s cell phone is ringing. He responds to it and the security illuminates him that he turned off the lights according to his request the previous evening and presently enquiry is occurring for something very similar. Vivaan gets stunned hearing it. He then, at that point, imagines as Sameer and requests that the security not to uncover this reality to anybody and disengages the line.

He understands Sameer went after Indu. Zoon won’t eat. Profound and Kaamna goes to her. Kaamna asks Zoon for what good reason she is causing situation to not to have food. Zoon stays quiet. Profound lets Kaamna know that he will persuade Zoon as she is miserable and disturbed as of now. Kaamna tells in light of Indu’s spoiling Zoon is going about as a spoilt imp.

She won’t allow Zoon to behave like this any longer and effectively caused her to have the sandwich. Zoon chomps her hand which irritates Kaamna so she lifts her hand at Zoon yet Profound stops her and takes Zoon inside with him. Sameer comes there and grumbles about the clamors he is hearing it a great deal these days.

Kaamna lets him know this is a direct result of him and Kadambari who brought Zoon here. She likewise defies him for going after Indu. Sameer acts and says he see nothing. Kaamna lets him know that Vivaan addressed the call of the security with whose help he turned off the lights.

Sameer admits it was him who went after Indu and chooses not to save Vivaan for illuminating her about this. He likewise lets Kaamna know that nobody can do anything to him. Kaamna admonishes Sameer. She then gets stunned seeing Zoon there. She asks Zoon what is she doing here. Zoon takes her toy and leaves the spot. That’s what kaamna stresses on the off chance that Zoon heard the discussion, Sameer might land in tremendous difficulty. Sameer guarantees her that not at all like that will not occur and leaves the spot. Kaamna chooses to ensure regardless of whether Zoon heard the discussion the last option shouldn’t tell anybody so goes behind her.

Kaamna calls Zoon however the last option overlooks her and leaves. Ritesh shows up there. Kaamna acts and says that Zoon is declining to have food so the best way to persuade her is let her meet Indu. She likewise guarantees Ritesh no issues will emerge along these lines so Ritesh takes Zoon to his room and caused her to sit close to Indu in the bed. Zoon asks an oblivious Indu what occurred. Ritesh tells her that Indu got injured and specialist gave her medication. Zoon touches Indu’s hair and guarantees her about her recuperation. However, she then, at that point, reviews her minutes with Indu and tells that she missed her taking care of food likewise preparing for her. Ritesh gets close to home. He then, at that point, guarantees Profound issues will not emerge due to Zoon meeting Indu. He then, at that point, says the two of them needs one another.

Kaamna who watches this from far gets remembered that Zoon didn’t heard her discussion with Sameer then leaves the spot. Anjali arrives at home. However, asha asks her for what good reason she got back before. Anjali illuminates her about Indu being gone after. The two of them chooses not to tell this to Sunita as she is now anxious so Anjali deceives Sunita her explanation for her prior return to home however Sunita gets her falsehoods and requests her to come clean with her. Anjali lets her beginning and end know which shocks Sunita. Sunita then, at that point, begs God to give joy to her girl’s life as she endured a great deal all through her life.

Indu awakens and gets stunned and befuddled seeing Zoon close to her. Zoon illuminates her that Ritesh brought her here. Indu guarantees Zoon that she is fine at this point. Ritesh comes there and guarantees Indu to not to stress in light of the fact that Kaamna’s idea is this. He then takes care of both Zoon and Indu food.

Opposite side Kaamna learns through Sameer about Kadambari’s ailment which isn’t as yet steady. The two of them contends when Sameer requests that Kaamna quit behaving like she is worried for Kadambari. He then, at that point, gets enraged learning Zoon is with Indu and Ritesh so he goes to their room. Zoon leaves the room quietly. Sameer tells Indu and Ritesh that Zoon is more developed then leaves. Indu cries and asks Ritesh how long they need to go through this. Ritesh guarantees her to put to a finish to this all soon.

Profound and Cart discusses Kaamna’s way of behaving towards Zoon. Cart flies off the handle. Rahul shows up there. Cart illuminates him whatever occurred during his nonattendance. Rahul gets stunned and disturbed. Ritesh asks Indu what she was doing outside the last evening.

Indu lets him know that she went to take water however the light went out. She detected somebody close to the flight of stairs so went to check what its identity is and somebody pushed her from behind. Ritesh gets stunned.

Precap: Sameer illuminates Vivaan his arrangement to send Zoon to child care in the mean time Ritesh Indu Asha and still up in the air to uncover Sameer’s actual face likewise demonstrate Ritesh is a superb dad in the court.

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