Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Prachi telling Vikram your adoration and trust are with me no more and I want nothing else. Vikram requests that she be cheerful and says we as a whole are with you. Rhea, Pallavi, and Alia leave from that point. Vikram requests that Prachi not misread Pallavi’s words. Prachi concurs. They also leave.

Shahana stops Aryan and inquires as to why he blew up at his mother. Aryan requests that she leave it and leaves. Prachi goes to Dida and sees she didn’t rest. Dida says she didn’t rest as a result of the weighty garments. She inquires as to whether Designer came. Prachi uncovers whatever occurred. Dida says Pallavi can’t make it happen. Prachi says I know it as she cherishes me.

Dida says wish everybody is like you to see the decency in individuals. She says they are fortunate to get her. Ranbir looks for Sukesh. Sukesh emerges from his concealing spot and runs from that point. Ranbir and the police pursue him yet Sukesh gets away from in Taxi. Yamini lets Ranbir know that they will track down him.

Ranbir inquires as to whether she feels somebody from his home provided him a request? Yamini says Sukesh outlined Alia and Pallavi yet his proclamation demonstrates nothing so we will follow through with something. Ranbir expresses gratitude toward her. Yamini says it’s her obligation. Ranbir leaves.

Constable asks Yamini for what good reason didn’t she let Ranbir know that she questions Alia. Yamini says I questioned her however presently I feel numerous mysteries are there so we really want to uncover them. Shahana sees Aryan is tense. She requests that he tell her what occurred. Aryan tells her in a roundabout way that Mili said a final farewell to him however she doesn’t have any idea. Ranbir gets back.

Shahana inquires as to whether they get the designer. Ranbir denies it and lets them know how he got gotten away from in the taxi. Rhea hears it and expresses gratitude toward God for saving them. Prachi sees Ranbir is harmed. She in all actuality does emergency treatment to him and admonishes him for not dealing with himself. Ranbir appreciates her. Rhea flies off the handle seeing them.

Ranbir says he gets injured routinely on the off chance that she really focuses on him along these lines. Rhea leaves out of frustration. Prachi tells it’s finished. Ranbir inquires as to why she really focuses on him in the event that she could do without him. He says fine and leaves. Shahana in a roundabout way requests that Prachi follow Ranbir to what he implied. Prachi leaves.

Rhea gets back to her room. Alia asks her what occurred. She says she wants an ordinary day. Rhea says Prachi is drawing nearer to Ranbir and I don’t have any idea how to isolate them. Alia says she has a thought. Rhea says their arrangements are not working.

Alia requests that she trust her. She calls Pradeep and advises him regarding something and disengages the call. Rhea inquires as to whether she feels it works. Alia says Pallavi could do without the awful standing. Rhea gets some information about Ranbir. Alia says he can do nothing. Rhea encourages her to illuminate news channels as well.

Alia says that is my young lady and embraces her. Alia tells Rhea, we should make it happen, how about we ruin Prachi’s regard, on the off chance that she gets a terrible standing, the Kohli family will be destroyed itself. Alia requests that Rhea gather Prachi and Sid’s photographs from the functions. Rhea concurs.

Prachi goes to Ranbir’s room. She sees he is dozing in a bizarre position. She attempts to set him yet she falls onto the bed. Ranbir puts his hand on her. Prachi reviews her minutes with Ranbir. She figures she won’t allow this union with occur as she conveying Ranbir’s youngster.

She chooses to tell truth to Ranbir once he gets back from office. Her tear falls on his hand. He turns. She stands up from bed. He inquires as to whether she is in his arms. Prachi lets him know everybody is hanging tight for him close to the eating table and leaves.

At the eating table, Vikram inquires as to whether she is fine. Pallavi says she is fine. Dida comes there and inquires as to whether Pallavi is fine. Pallavi says she is fine and inquires as to why they are asking her. Dida says Designer charged you that is the reason we are inquiring. Pallavi gets some information about it.

Vikram says Prachi is justifiable so everything is good to go. Pallavi says anybody might respond in that manner as they probably are aware me. Vikram asks Priya for the paper. She goes to get it. Ranbir and Prachi go along with them for breakfast. Then Alia and Rhea examine today will be their hello. Priya gives the paper to Vikram. He peruses the paper.

Alia requests that Rhea know from her companion on the off chance that their work is finished or not. Rhea becomes more acquainted with it’s finished. Pallavi calls them. Rhea and Alia join everybody. Everybody gets video warnings. Pallavi requests that they not actually take a look at their telephones while eating food. Alia takes the paper in shock and lets everybody know that written in the paper Prachi’s undertaking is with Ranbir’s cousin Sid.

Everybody gets stunned. Rhea gets a call. She gets stunned in the wake of going to the call. She requests that everybody check assuming they get any video of Sid and Prachi’s dance. Everybody opens their telephones and watches the video in shock. Alia and Rhea appreciate it.

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