Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Shahana choosing to get ready tea for everybody. She doesn’t see Rhea’s report is adhered to her shoe. On the way, Designer believes assuming that Alia uncovered his name to the police. He calls Alia to know it. Yamini sees Designer is calling Alia. She inquires as to why he is calling her over and over.

Alia says you called him here so he might call to realize what occurred. Tailor appeals to God to save him. Shahana serves tea to everybody. Yamini sees some paper is adhered to Shahana’s shoe and takes it. She says it’s some report.

Rhea makes her leave the paper then Rhea sees it’s her report. She tears it saying it’s a waste paper and goes to toss it in the canister. Dida says she is worn out and needs to rest. Prachi takes Dida. Yamini requests that Alia call Designer. Alia calls him and says he is out of organization. Yamini says they can ask him when he comes.

Dida will not take tablets however Prachi makes Dida take her tablets. Ranbir sees everything. Dida requests that Prachi sing Lohri for her. Prachi rejects. They see Ranbir close to the doorstep. Ranbir says sorry and leaves. Dida says she feels he left in the wake of telling I love you. Prachi requests that she not pressure herself and requests that she rest and tells her she will return in a short time.

Ranbir reviews Prachi’s consideration. Prachi emerges and is going to leave yet Ranbir stops her by holding her hand. He inquires as to for what reason can’t she asks him for what valid reason he stops her. Prachi asks what’s wrong. Ranbir takes such a lot of time. Prachi sits in a seat and requests that he finish it soon.

Ranbir appreciates her. He tells her she is so great. Prachi requests that he tell her what she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Ranbir says he is terrible. Prachi says he is a kadoos. Ranbir inquires as to why she felt so. Prachi inquires as to why he really focuses on Rhea more than required. Ranbir calls her desirous. Prachi leaves out of frustration.

Ranbir comes to the lobby and asks didn’t tailor come. Somebody rings the calling ringer. Yamini requests that the constable open the entryway. The designer goes into the house. Yamini questions what’s his name. Tailor says he is Sukesh. Yamini questions him about where figured out how to make fireworks dupattas.

Sukesh attempts to get away yet Ranbir and others get him. Yamini questions him about who requested him to set up that exceptional dupatta. Sukesh says Alia requested it. Everybody gets stunned. Alia says he is lying and requests that he uncover reality. Ranbir asks Alia how might she make it happen. Rhea says he can’t converse with Alia along these lines.

Ranbir says there is confirmation against Alia I.e her message. Vikram likewise chides Alia. Alia falls on her feet. She asks Designer who gave him cash to trap her. She requests that he uncover reality. Sukesh says Alia man requested the dupatta however who needs to kill Prachi isn’t Alia.

Everybody looks on. Sukesh says it was Pallavi who needs to kill Prachi. Everybody stands stunned. That time Sukesh escapes from that point. Yamini, Ranbir, and others attempt to get Sukesh however he stows away from them. Alia inquires as to whether Sukesh take Pallavi’s name. Rhea concurs. Prachi says he is lying that is the reason he took off.

Pallavi says I realize he accused me to escape from here however we want to realize who needs to kill you as they are focusing on our loved ones. She says where they can have a real sense of security in the event that they can’t feel protected at ease. Rhea says they need to track down who’s that individual as in some cases I feel somebody is spying me.

Shahana inquires as to why she didn’t uncover it previously. Alia requests that Shahana not include in family matters. Aryan intercedes. Alia requests that he shut up. Vikram requests that Alia control her disappointment. He says Aryan is right that we are family and we want to track down who’s that offender however presently we want to take a rest. Sid gets back.

Vikram asks where is Ranbir. Sid says he went behind the designer and I return as I got injured. Vikram requests that he take a rest and guarantees Prachi that everything gets settled soon. Prachi says she isn’t stressed as she has their help.

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